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    3. List (by number and name) and define with words or equations each of Newton's Laws governing linear motion. Give a real life example illustrating each.

    4. A person performs a standard long jump from the ground (takeoff and landing surfaces the same). Using a total flight time of 0.43 s and a horizontal

    displacement of 2.5 m, calculate the following.
    a. Vertical velocity at takeoff.
    b. Horizontal velocity at takeoff.
    c. Actual (resultant) velocity at takeoff.
    d. Angle of takeoff.
    e. Peak height.

    6. Identify five examples of torque in human activity, and identify the force and moment arm associated with the torque.

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    3. Newton's first law of motion: According to this law "a body continues to be in state of rest or uniform motion along a straight line, unless it is acted upon by some external force to change the state."
    Example- a bike can not change its straight line path on its own. We have to apply force on its handle.
    Newton's second law of motion: According to this law "the rate of change of linear momentum ...

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    The expert lists and defines each of Newton's laws governing linear motion. This solution is comprised of answers related with physics.