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Solar System

Physics Questions

1. A bathroom spring scale obeys Hooke's law and is depressed 0.750 cm by its maximum load of 120 kg. What is the springs effective force constant? 2. Fish are hung on a spring scale to determine the mass (most fishermen feel no obligation to report the mass truthfully). (a) What is the force constant of the spring in such a

Astronomy: Sun formation, planet detection, galaxy history

N. Evidence is strong that the formation of the Sun (and its family of planets) happened by the same processes as the formation of stars. Explain. o. How are planets detected around other stars? p. Did the Sun and solar system form in the first half or last half of our galaxy's history? Explain.

Definition of a meter

The METER is currently defined a. by a standard metal bar kept in Paris, France. b. as 10 ^-7 of the distance from Equator to Pole. c. by the distance light will travel in a certain time. d. by the President's foot. e. by a platinum bar kept in the National

Mass of Planets in Solar System, Gravitational Acceleration and Pendulum Period

Using the internet, I need to find the mass and radius of three of the nine planets in our solar system. Be sure that the masses are expressed in kilograms and the radii are expressed in meters. Using the data, calculate the gravitational acceleration on each of the three planets you selected. Note: With the masses measured

Kepler's Laws and Earth Satellites

Using Newton's Universal Law of Gravity calculate the: (a) Force of attraction between the MOON and the EARTH [M sub E = 6.0 x 10 ^24 kg, M sub M = 7.4 x 10^22 kg], [R sub orbit = 3.84 x 10^8]. (b) From part a, calculate the centripetal acceleration of the Moon. (c) From part b, determine the angular speed omega of the Mo

Angular Measure

At sunset, the Sun has an angular width fo about 0.50 degrees. From the time the lower edge of the Sun just touches the horizon, about how long does it take the Sun, in minutes to disappear?

Mass of Solar System, Quadratic Formula and Real-Life Complex Number Applications

What is the total mass in kilograms of our solar system? And what is the equation for the speed of light? When solving a quadratic equation using the quadratic formula, is it possible for the b to the second power minus 4ac term inside the square root to be negative, thus forcing us to take the square root of a negative numb

Average Density of Earth to Sun

Without using the value of G or the actual value of any masses, estimate the ratio of the mean density of the Earth to that of the Sun. The only facts you may use are those that a nonscientist might be aware of, the fact that the Moon's radius is three and one half times smaller than Earth's radius and the scaling implicit to Ke

Arc length separating two satellites

Two geostationary communication satellites are placed in orbits whose radii are 4.23 x 10^7 m. The orbit is in the plane of the equator and the satellites have an angular separation of 2.00 degrees. Find the arc length that separates the satellites.

The Law of Universal Gravitation

You drive an automobile of mass 2.10*10(3) kg from sea level to the top of a mountain 2.05km high? What is the automobiles' change in weight?

Escape Speed

Show that escape speed is the square root of 2 times as large as the orbital speed of an object in orbit just above the earth's surface.

International Space Station (ISS) plan to snag a cable for removal

The International Space Station is in a nearly circular orbit at an altitude of 398.00 km above the surface of the earth. A maintenance crew is about to arrive on the space shuttle that is also in a circular in the same orbital plane as the ISS, but with an altitude of 398.10km. The crew has come to remove a faulty 125 m c

Gravitation: Spacecraft launch speed to escape from the solar system altogether

A spacecraft is to be launched from the surface of the earth so that it will escape from the SOLAR SYSTEM altogether. a) Find the speed relative to the center of the earth with which the spacecraft must be launched. Take into consideration the gravitational effects of both the earth and the sun, and include the effect of the

Two Meteoroids Problem

Please do not place your response in a .pdf format, but Word documents are okay. Thanks! Two meteoroids are heading for earth. Their speeds as they cross the moon's orbit are 2.0 km/s. (A) The first meteoroid is heading straight for earth. What is its speed of impact? Make sure your answer is in km/s. (B) The second mi

Elephant and Shrewd Mass on Earth Surface

Please do not put your response in a .pdf format, but Word documents are okay. Thanks! An adult elephant has a mass of about 5.0 tons. An adult elephant shrew has a mass of about 50 grams. How far from the center of the Earth should an elephant be placed so that its weight equals that of the elephant shrew on the surface of t

Universal Gravitational Constant G

Please Show all work with answer!!! An apple (m=0.20 kg) falls to the earth. Determine (a) the apple's acceleration towards the earth; (b) the earth's acceleration towards the apple. (c) Discuss the appropriate reference frames in which to determine the accelerations in (a) ansd (b).

Desert Eagle Problem

A guy fires a desert eagle chambered for 44 mag at ground level on a flat area of the moon. The projectile exits the muzzle at 1450 fps (442m/s) and at an angle 27 degrees above the ground. Supposing the gravitation on the moon is 1/6 that it is on earth, determine both how far the bullet went and how long it took to get there.

Magnetic Field of a Long Straight Wire

At what distance from a long, straight wire carrying a current of 100.0 A is the magnetic field due to the wire equal to the strength of the Earth's field, approximately 4.0E-5 T (in m)?

Cause of Day and Night

1. What causes day and night? (a) The Earth spins on its axis. (b) The Earth moves around the Sun. (c) Clouds block out the Sun's light (d) The Earth moves into and out of the Sun's shadow. (e) The Sun goes around the Earth. What answer is correct?

Three quiz questions

7. How often is the Sun directly overhead at noon in Toronto? (a) Every day (b) Only in the Summer. (c) Only for the week of the summer solstice. (d) Only for one day each year. (e) Never What is the correct answer?

Quiz Question

18. During July at the North Pole, the Sun would: (a) Be overhead at noon (b) Never set (c) Be visible for 12 hours each day (d) Set in the Northwest (e) None of the above Which answer is the correct answer?

Calculating Proton Speed

Question: At a certain location, the horizontal component of the earth's magnetic field is 4.6E-5 T, due north. A proton moves eastward with just the right speed, so the magnetic force on it balances the weight. Find the speed of the proton.


Analysis of the spectrum of X for the surface of solid objects can, when compared to samples of different substances on Earth, reveal the surface composition of that body. What is X?


The alignment Sun, Earth, and Moon in the order will not necessarily result in a X being observed. What is B?