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    displacement vector

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    Could you please provide the answers and workings out to the following physics problems.

    8. which one of the following quantities is a vector quantity?
    a) the age of the earth
    b) the mass of a football
    c) the earth's pull on your body
    d) the temperature of an iron bar
    e) the number of people attending a baseball game

    9. a student adds two displacement vectors with magnitudes of 3.0 m and 4. 0 m, respectively. Which one of the following could not be a possible choice of the resultant?

    10. Town A lies 20 km north of town B. Town C lies 13 km west of town A. A small plane flies directly from town B to town C. What is the displacement of the plane?

    11. A displacement vector is 23 km in length and is directed 65 degrees south of east. What are the components of this vector?

    12. A bug crawls 4.25 m along the base of a wall. Upon reaching a corner, the bug's direction of travel changes from sought to west. The bug then crawls 3.15 m before stopping. What is the magnitude of the bug's displacement?

    13. Use the component method of vector addition to find the components of the resultant of the four displacements shown in the figure.

    A boat radioed a distress call to a Coast Guard station. At the time of the call, a vector A from the station to the boat had a magnitude of 45.0 km and was directed 15.0 degrees east of north. A vector from the station to the point where the boat was later found is B = 30.0 km, 15.0 degrees north of east.
    14. What are the components of the vector from the point where the distress call was made to the point where the boat was found?

    15. How far did the boat travel from the point where the distress call was made to the point where the boat was found? In other words, what is the magnitude of vector C?

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