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    Vector addition

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    Path A is 9.0 km long heading 60.0° north of east. Path B is 6.0 km long in a direction due east. Path C is 3.0 km long heading 315° counterclockwise from east.

    (a) Graphically add the hiker's displacements in the order A, B, C. What is the magnitude of displacement in km? Direction of displacement?

    (b) Graphically add the hiker's displacements in the order C, B, A. What is the magnitude of displacement? Direction of displacement?

    (c) What can you conclude about the resulting displacements?

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    W E (6cm = 6km) 315O

    (3cm = 3km)

    (9cm = 9km)


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    The expert determines the Hiker's displacement using vector addition. A step by step solution provided.