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    Its about time - a discussion of time's nature

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    Before humans can seriously travel in time, that is extensively backward and forward, we need to first figure out what exactly "time" is. Anyone has a suggestive explanation on what "time is"?

    Please use at least one suitable site to support the answer (please don't use Wikpedia)
    Please provide the website(s) you use.

    Thank you.

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    Yes....a question asked by many over time (no pun intended). We know from Einsteinian physics that time is, to a degree, malleable. That is, when we increase our velocity, time slows down relative to the rest of the universe. But why? It appears that motion curves both space and time - thus time is considered by many to be an artifact of the expanding universe. If we accept this argument, then as the universe slows down, so ...

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    Answer is a brief discussion of the nature of time itself with numerous web references and an HTML attached version with live links for ease of use. Extensive backward and forward human travel in time is analyzed.