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Classical Mechanics

Classical mechanics is one of the two major sub-fields of mechanics. It is concerned with the set of physical laws describing the motion of bodies under the action of a system of courses. It is the study of the motion of bodies. Classical mechanics is one of the oldest and largest subjects in science, engineering and technology.

Classical mechanics describes the motion of macroscopic objects. This can range from projectiles, parts of machinery as well as astronomical objects. Classical mechanics also deals with gases, liquids and solids within its subtopics. Classical mechanics does a very good job at describing the results of large objects; however when objects get small it is necessary to introduce sub fields of mechanics, such as quantum mechanics.
The term classical mechanics was named in the earliest 20th century. It was used to describe the system of physics begun by Isaac Newton and contemporary 17th century natural philosophers. The initial development if classical mechanics is referred to as Newtonian mechanics. The developments of analytical mechanics in the 18th and 19th century were also huge in the creation of quantum mechanics.

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Work is done on an object when there is a displacement of the point of application.


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Energy is an indirectly observed quantity which can come in many forms.


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Power is the rate at which energy is transferred,


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Equilibrium is when all conditions of a system are balanced.

Fermat's Principle

Light is passing through a 4 cm thick slab of special doped glass. The index of refraction varies smoothly n=2/sqrt(h) where "h" is the distance from one surface of the slab measured in centimeters. Use Fermat's principle to find the equation for the path of a light ray going from the high index side of the slab to low index sid

Single Stage Vibration Isolation System

A single stage vibration isolation system consists of a heavy granite slab (100 kg) sitting on legs which act as a vertical damped spring. The "Q" (Quality Factor) of the system is 8.0, and the velocity damping coefficient is 80 kg/s. What is the natural frequency of oscillation of the slab? Write down the equation of motion for

Getting the value of g from the slope

If the mass density of the string is 0.0013 kg/m and measurement of the relevant length of the string is 1.36 m and the slope, k, of the graph is 1,000 s^-2 kg^-1, then what is the measured value for the acceleration due to gravity, g? Include units. The problem and equation are attached as a pdf.

Tilted Rigid Disk Rolling Without Slipping

The figure is attached as file. A rigid body in the shape of a thumbtack formed from a thin disk of mass M and radius a and a mass-less stem is placed on an inclined plane that makes an angle α with the horizontal. The point of the tack remains stationary at the point α, and the head rolls along a circle of radius b. I

Normal modes of a composite string

Consider the normal modes of a vibration under uniform tension of a stretched string consisting of two sections of unequal mass density, so that the wave speed differs from one section to the next. a. What conditions must be satisfied by the string displacement at the junction of the two sections? b. Suppose that the mass de

Binary and decimal system

1. Convert the following decimal numbers to binary a. 81_10 b. 248_10 2. Convert the following octal numbers to binary a. 47_8 b. 214_8 3. Convert the following hexadecimal numbers tobinary a. BA3_16 b. F3B4_16 4. Convert the following binary numbers to decimal numbers

Calculating Static Friction

A box of mass 80 kg is lying on a horizontal floor. The coefficient of static friction between the box and the floor is 0.6. Calculate the minimum force F required to pull it. Take g as 9.8 m.s^2. Refer the diagram. State minimum F in Newton. See attached file for diagram.

Decay and Activity

124Sb had an activity of 327mCi three years ago. What is the activity today? (3 years later)

Gas Mileage and Milliliter Obtainability

a) If an automobile is able to travel 254 miles on 11.2 gallons of gasoline, what is the gas mileage in km/L? b) A pound of coffee yields 50 cups of coffee (4 cups = 1 qt). How many milliliters of coffee can be obtained from 1 g of coffee beans? Please provide a detailed explanation.

Pressure Variations and Ocean Exploration

How do the pressure variations with depth affect the ability to explore the ocean? How does it affect scuba diving and submarines? If you explain it to me and also if you give me internet site or reference book I would learn more. Thanks for your help.

Classical Mechanics

1. Starting with the left-most column, populate the boxes from left to right without skipping empty boxes. Ties should be grouped in the same box. Rank the magnitude of a given particle's average acceleration, from smallest to largest, as interpreted from the following velocity vs. time graphs describing motion. 2. Displacem

Wave Speed Problem

A piano string of linear mass density 0.0050 kg/m is under a tension of 1350 N. What is the wave speed?

Spring Constant Problem

What is the spring constant of a spring that stretches 2.00 cm when a mass of 0.600 kg is suspended from it?

Force and Compression

A 5000-N force compresses a steel block by 0.0025 cm. What force is needed to compress the block by 0.0125 cm?

Leaning Tower of Pisa Problem

The Leaning Tower of Pisa is 55m tall and about 7m in diameter. The top is 4.5m off-center. How much further can it lean before it becomes unstable?

Mass and Pivot Points Problem

A boy and a girl are balanced on a massless seesaw. The boy has a mass of 75 kg and the girl's mass is 50 kg. If the boy sits 2.0 m from the pivot point on one side of the seesaw, where must the girl sit on the other side?

Center of Mass

A 4.00-kg mass sits at the origin, and a 10.0-kg mass sits at x = +21.0 m. Where is the center of mass on the x-axis? Please provide detailed explanation.


A ball of mass 0.10 kg is dropped from a height of 12 cm. What is its momentum when it strikes the ground? Please provide detailed explanation.

Problem 3-29

Beverly Mills has decided to lease a hybrid car to save on gasoline expenses and to do her part to help keep the environment clean. The car she selected is available from only one dealer in the local area, but that dealer has several leasing options to accommodate a variety of driving patterns. All the leases are for 3 years and


A runner runs halfway around a circular path of radius 10 m. What is the displacement of the runner?

Area of a paper towel in square meters.

Area of a paper towel in square meters. Find the area of a paper towel in square meters. (Hint: start by finding the length of each side in meters and then multiply them together.) Measured input: Calculation:


A boat can move at 30 km/hr in still water. How long will it take to move 12 km upstream in a river flowing 6.0 km/hr?


A motorist travels 160 km at 80 km/hr and 160 km at 100 km/hr. What is the average speed of the motorist for this trip?