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    Magnification and Distance

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    Please see the attached file. SOD is source to object distance and SID is source to image distance.

    1. With reference to Fig. 1(a) show that the magnification of an object is given by M = SID/SOD
    b. With reference to Fig. 1(b) show that the size of the penumbra (blur) f is given by f = Fx (M-1)

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    I have attach the solutions for this. A pdf copy and MS-word copy. There are pictures and equations of which I think not readable if I put in here. Just open the attachments. Here are some of the parts.


    Two triangles
    - have same shape
    - three angles of one are equal to the three
    angles of the other
    - this is a similar triangles, it means different sizes

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    This solutions shows step-by-step calculations to determine the magnification of an object and the size of the penumbra.