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Graphs and Functions

Systems of equations

See attachment for proper formatting. Math Here are some more problems I would like help with. 1. Solve the system of equations by graphing. Then classify the system as consistent or inconsistent and as dependent or independent. 6x-6y= -12 6y-6x= 12 What is the solution of the system of equations? a) A point b)

Solving and graphing inequalities and system of inequalities

See attachment for proper formatting. 1.) Solve and graph. 3x+13 The solution is {x|x ____} 2.) Solve and graph. 3x+3 or 6x + 3 The solution is {x|x _____} 3.) Solve the system by the elimination method. 5x+2y=-11 7x+3y=19 What is the solution to the system? _______________ (Type an ordered p

Quadratic Functions and Graphs

Need help with attached word problems (see attachment for full details) 1. During the championship soccer game, the goalkeeper, Brandon, kicked the ball straight up to the Mid-Fielder, Alex, with an initial velocity of 32 feet per second. The height of the ball relative to the ground is a function of time given by the

Computing the Laplacian in different coordinate systems

Please assist with the attached problem. (a) Calculate the Laplacian of function u(x,y,z) = x^3 - 3xy^2 + z^2 in 3D Cartesian coordinates. (b) Convert the formula for u into formula for u involving cylindrical polar coordinates. Then compute the Laplacian using the cylindrical polar form. Show that your answer here is the same

Practice with Functions

I need some help to push me through with functions. (Please see the Attached Questions File) 5. Perform the requested operation or operations. f(x) = 2x - 9, g(x) = 4x - 4 Find (f - g)(x) Answer. -2x - 5 6. Compare the graph of the given quadratic function f with the graph of y = x2 f(x) = (x - 8)2 + 4 Answer.

Solving the Intergers Function for Graphs and for Equations

See the attached document for proper formatting. ------------------------------------------------------------ 1) State the domain of the following: 2) The graph of is shifted to obtain each the following graphs. What is the equation of the function, g(x), for each graph? Write answers in terms of x2 and/or x.

Linear Functions: Inputs and Outputs

Please help me with the attached questions. See the attachment for proper formatting. 2) Find the indicated outputs for f(x)=2xsecond power -3x F(0)=_________________ F(-1)=________________ F(2)=_________________ 3) x=2 Use the graphing tool to graph the equation 4) Find an equation of the line co

Functions and Equations - Printing Press

A printer has a contract to print 100,000 invitations for a political candidate. He can run the invitations by using any number of metal printing plates from 1 to 20 on his press. For example, if he preparates 10 plates, each impression of his press makes 10 invitations. Preparing each plate costs $8 and he can make 1000 impress

Finding discriminant, roots and graphing quadratic functions

1) Solve 6x2 + 3x - 18 = 0 using the quadratic formula. Read the information in the assignment list to learn more about how to type math symbols, such as the square root. 2) Use the graph of y = x2 + 4x - 5 to answer the following: a) Without solving the equation, use the graph to determine the solution(s) to the equat

Maxima and Minima - Derivatives and Graphing

Derivatives and graphing; please show all work. See attached. Pg 176 #24 For the function, f, given in the graph in following figure: a) sketch f ' (x) b) Where does f ' (x) change its sign? c) Where does f ' (x) have local maxima or minima? #25 Using the answer to previous problem as a guide, write a

Problems on Parabola, Ellipse and Hyperbola

#1. Find the equation of parabola describe. Find 2 points of latus rectum.Graph. Focus(-5,0) Vertex(0,0) #2 Find the equation of the parabola. Find 2 points that define latus rectum. Graph. Focus (0,1) Diectrix line y= -1 #3. Find the equation of ellipse.draw the graph. Center (0,0) Focus(0,8) Vertex (

Minimum, maximum, critical point

Please show work where applicable. Some graphing needed. #5 The function f(x)=x^4 - 4x^3 + 8x has a critical point at x=1. Use the second derivative test to identify it as a local maximum, a local minimum or neither. Using calc or computer, graph the following functions. Describe briefly in words the interesting features o


Which of the following are functions? 1. f(x) = 2 if x > 1 otherwise f(x) = -1 2. f(x) = 5 if x > 0 or f(x) = -5 if x < 0 or f(x) = 5 or -5 if x = 0 3. f(x) = x/10

1. Economic production lot size problem. 2. Waiting line problem M/M/1 model

1. Kellam Images prints snack food bags on long rolls of plastic film. The plant operates 250 days a year. The daily production rate is 6000 bags, and the daily demand is 3500 bags. The cost to set up the design for printing is $300. The holding cost is estimated at 2 cents per bag. a. What is the recommended production lot s

Odd, Even, One-to-one, Domain, Range and Function Composition

Practice Problems Compare the graph of the given quadratic function f with the graph of y = x2. 1) f(x) = (x - 2)2 + 3 Determine if the function is even, odd, or neither. 2) f(x) = 2x5 + 2x3 Decide whether the relation defines a function. 3) {(-8, 2), (-8, 8), (-1, 8), (5, 6), (8, 7)} 5) y2 = 3x Find the domain

Graphical solution - Objective function coefficient

Use a graph to illustrate why a change in an objective function coefficient does not necessarily lead to a change in the optimal values of the decision variables, but a change in the right-hand sides of a binding constraint does lead to new values.

Quadratic Function Graphing Line Symmetry

1.Find and label the vertex and the line of symmetry. Graph the function. F(x)= 3(x-2) 2.Find and label the vertex and the line of symmetry. Graph the function f(x)=4x 3.Solve for x. x +25= 8x 4. Find the vertex,line of symmetry, and the maximum or minimum value of f(x). Graph the function. F(x)= -(x+6) -4 (type

Find and label the vertex and the line of symmetry.

Don't mind the graphing part. What I got out of the assignment is the vertex portion. Please see the attached file. 1.Find and label the vertex and the line of symmetry. Graph the function. F(x)= 4x The vertex is (type an ordered pair) 2.Find and label the vertex and the kline of symmetry. Graph the function f(x)=(

Solving Equations and Word Problems

Please show work. Thanks! 1.Simplify -2c(c-8)-3(c-8) 2. Solve the equation x- .05x = 190 3. Solve the equation 5x -9 = x-4 4. Solve the equation system x + y = 5, x - y = 1 5. Gra

Solving Equations and Inequalities

1. Simplify: (-4)(5)(-7)(2) 2. Two trains are approaching each other on the same track. They are 500 miles from each other. One train is traveling at 40 mph, the other at 60 mph. A bird is flying back and forth between them at 150 mph. How long before they collide? 3. Solve for y: x = (y-b) / m

An Application of a Rational Function

An application of a rational function is T = (AB)/(A+B), which gives the time, T, it takes for two workers to complete a particular task where A & B represent the time it would take for each individual worker to complete the identical task. Estimate how long it takes you to complete a task of your choice (house cleaning, mow

Cost and Revenue Functions and Breaking Point

1. A company that manufactures bicycles has a fixed cost of $ 100,000. It costs $ 100 to produce each bicycle. The selling price per bike is $ 300. a) Write the cost function, C. b) Write the revenue function, R c) Determine the breaking point. Describes what this means.

Graphing, Slopes and Intercepts

1. Give an example of a linear function and show at least one method of graphing it. By looking at the graph of a line, how can you tell if its slope is negative? What kind of line has a slope of zero and why? 2. Give an example of quadratic function and show at least one method of graphing it

Graphs and Systems of Inequalities

11. Match the graph with one of the equations. a) y = x b) y = 3x c) y = d) y = x + 3 14. A small company produces both bouquets and wreaths of dried flowers. The bouquets take 1 hour of labor to produce, and the wreaths take 2 hours. The labor available is limited to 80 hours per week, and the total production