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Graphs and Functions


Which of the following are functions? 1. f(x) = 2 if x > 1 otherwise f(x) = -1 2. f(x) = 5 if x > 0 or f(x) = -5 if x < 0 or f(x) = 5 or -5 if x = 0 3. f(x) = x/10

Function as Power Series

Find a power series representation for the function and determine the interval of convergence. f(x)= 3/(1-x^4) Please show steps.

1. Economic production lot size problem. 2. Waiting line problem M/M/1 model

1. Kellam Images prints snack food bags on long rolls of plastic film. The plant operates 250 days a year. The daily production rate is 6000 bags, and the daily demand is 3500 bags. The cost to set up the design for printing is $300. The holding cost is estimated at 2 cents per bag. a. What is the recommended production lot s

Math Proof

College level proof before real analysis. Please explain each step of your solution. Thank you.

Given the function, find the value, f (-2)

Please answer the following questions to these two math questions. I need to know how to answer them and how you got the answers. Please give me a full explanation of them and show your complete work. Thanks

Functions : Odd, Even, One-to-one, Domain, Range and Function Composition

Practice Problems Compare the graph of the given quadratic function f with the graph of y = x2. 1) f(x) = (x - 2)2 + 3 Determine if the function is even, odd, or neither. 2) f(x) = 2x5 + 2x3 Decide whether the relation defines a function. 3) {(-8, 2), (-8, 8), (-1, 8), (5, 6), (8, 7)} 5) y2 = 3x Find the domain

Graphical solution - Objective function coefficient

Use a graph to illustrate why a change in an objective function coefficient does not necessarily lead to a change in the optimal values of the decision variables, but a change in the right-hand sides of a binding constraint does lead to new values.

Parametric equations

Please see the attached file. If a = 5 and b = 4, find parametric equations for the curve that consists of all possible positions of the point P in the figure, using the angle &#952; as the parameter. The line segment AB is tangent to the larger circle.

Increasing functions

Please show me the steps to reach the solutions. See the attached file. Thanks in advance, Find the intervals on which f(x) is increasing...

Find and label the vertex and the line of symmetry. Graph the function.

1.Find and label the vertex and the line of symmetry. Graph the function. F(x)= 3(x-2) 2.Find and label the vertex and the line of symmetry. Graph the function f(x)=4x 3.Solve for x. x +25= 8x 4. Find the vertex,line of symmetry, and the maximum or minimum value of f(x). Graph the function. F(x)= -(x+6) -4 (type

Values of x

Refer to the graph of the function f in the following figure. Find the value of x, where x is an integer, corresponding to the point on the graph of f located at a height of 1 unit from the x-axis.

Find and label the vertex and the line of symmetry.

Don't mind the graphing part. What I got out of the assignment is the vertex portion. Please see the attached file. 1.Find and label the vertex and the line of symmetry. Graph the function. F(x)= 4x The vertex is (type an ordered pair) 2.Find and label the vertex and the kline of symmetry. Graph the function f(x)=(

Solving Equations and Word Problems

Please show work. Thanks! 1.Simplify -2c(c-8)-3(c-8) 2. Solve the equation x- .05x = 190 3. Solve the equation 5x -9 = x-4 4. Solve the equation system x + y = 5, x - y = 1 5. Gra

Find the moment generating function for a Poisson random variable.

3.86 ==== Show that the moment-generating function for the Poisson random variable with mean &#955; is given by M(t)= e^ ( &#955;( e^(t) -1) ) Ans: I started (seen below) but not sure if i'm doing it right. P(t)= E( t^(y) ) = &#8721; t^(y) * ( (&#955;^(y)) / (y!) )* e^(-&#955;) = &#8721; ( (t&


I just need the graphs of the following equations. 1. y=1 2. y=x 3. y= x^2 4. y= 1/6(x^3) 5. y= 1/x^2 6. y= sin x 7. y = cos x 8. y = ln abs(x) 9. dy/dx = ½ x + 1 10. dy/dx = y 11. dy/dx = x-y 12. dy/dx = - x/y 13. draw the solution curves for the differential equation dy/dx = x+ y At points (0,1) and (-3,0)

Solving Equations and Inequalities

1. Simplify: (-4)(5)(-7)(2) 2. Two trains are approaching each other on the same track. They are 500 miles from each other. One train is traveling at 40 mph, the other at 60 mph. A bird is flying back and forth between them at 150 mph. How long before they collide? 3. Solve for y: x = (y-b) / m

An Application of a Rational Function

An application of a rational function is T = (AB)/(A+B), which gives the time, T, it takes for two workers to complete a particular task where A & B represent the time it would take for each individual worker to complete the identical task. Estimate how long it takes you to complete a task of your choice (house cleaning, mow

Find and graph the minimum average cost from the function.

6. Suppose the cost of producing x Sharper Image Ionic Air Purifiers is given by: a. Find the minimum average cost using algebra, and showing work. b. Graph the average cost on a suitable scale from 0 to 500 units, showing the minimum value.

Continuity and Sequential Limits

Respected Sir / Madam, I need each and every step. please explain me in detail. In page 529 Theorem III.(I need proof). Text Book:- Taylor & Menon Theorem: - Prove that Any Bounded subset of R has a supermium and Infimum? I need proof. Thank you

Maximizing and Minimizing Functions

18). Find the dimensions of a cylinder of maximum volume that can inscribed in a cone with radius 12cm and height 20cm. 19). A ball is thrown upward with a velocity of 39.2 m/sec from a height of 6cm. Find A) the maximum height B) the time required to reach the maximum height C) the velocity after 8 seconds