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Graphs and Functions

Using the demand function to write cost and revenue functions

A health club has cost and revenue functions given by C = 10,000 + 35q and R = pq, where q is the number of annual club members and p is the prices of a one year membership. The demand function for the club is q = 3000 - 20q. a. Use the demand function to write cost and revenue functions of p. b. Graph cost and revenue as

Linear Equations / Graphs / Slopes

please show your work. 1. Use the equation below and the indicated value to find an ordered pair that is a solution. y = 2x - 1 let x = 6 2. Complete the table of values for the equation 6x + 2y = 72. 3. Decide whether the ordered pair (9,5) is a solution of the equation. x + y = 9 4. Find the value of the expressio

Basic slope intercept equations are examined.

. Determine whether the relation is a function. {(-2, -7), (3, -5), (6, -4), (9, -6), (10, -1)} A) Not a function B) Function 2. Determine whether the relation is a function. {(-5, -4), (-2, 9), (-1, -2), (-1, 7)} A) Function B) Not a function 3. Determine whether the relation is a function. {(-7, -1), (-7, 2), (-

Graphs and Plots of Linear Equations

3. Graph by plotting points. y+x= -4 4. Graph by plotting points. 3x= -y+3 Complete the ordered pairs. (-1,_), (1,_) 6. Find the intercepts for the graph of the equation given. x+4y=0 the x-intercept is? the y-intercept is? 7. Find the intercepts and then use them to graph the equation.

Intercepts, substitutions and graphs

1. y = 2x + 3 and y = -x - 4 2. 2x + 3y = 8 and 3x + 2y = 7 3. x + y = 3 and y = x + 3 4. A university bookstore recently sold a wirebound graph-paper notebook for $2.50, and a college-ruled notebook for $2.30. At the start of spring semester, a combination of 50 of these notebooks were sold for a total of $11

Finding the Exact Area Under a Graph

** Please see the attached file for a Word formatted copy of the problem description ** 1. let f(x) = x^2-2x+2 on the interval [-1, 2]. Sketch a graph of this function along with the rectangles that would be used to approximate the area under the curve using a right sum with n = 6. Be accurate and make your graph large. a) C

Graphing help is achieved.

1) The following graph shows the depreciation for the corporate airplane from 2006 to 2009. The plane was purchased new in 2006; therefore, x = 0 represents the year 2006. X â?" axis (horizontal) = years starting from 0 = 2006 and increasing by 0.5 years Y â?" axis (vertical) = price in $ amounts from 24,000 to 240,000

Functions and Equations

1. Evaluate the function f(x) = 4x + 6 for x=4. 2. Evaluate the function f(x) = 9x - 6 for x=0. 3. Take a look at the following table: x -2 -1 0 1 2 f(x) -5 -2 1 4 7 a. Write out an equation for f(x). Assume the function is linear b. What is the slope? Is it negative or positive? What information do we ge

Explanation for parabolic equations

The surface of planet Xyz, in a galaxy far away is mostly an ocean of Nitric Acid. The planet is inhabited by two tribes of human-like creatures, the Blue People and the Green people, who live in separate islands. They know of each otherâ??s existence because they had a common origin, but because of the corrosive nature of th

Graphing of Function With Vertical & Oblique Asymptotes

1. When preparing to graph the rational function y(x), this algebra is done. (a) Specify, with reasons, the (largest) domain of y(x). (You needn't repeat algebra) (b) Find where the graph crosses the y-axis. y(x) = x^4 - 2x^3 - 3x^2 - 3x â?" 1 x^3 - 3x^2 + x - 3 = x + 1 -(x - 1)(x + 2) (x - 3)(x^2 + 1) = x + 1 â?" 1

Function of Variable Evaluated

What is a function, in your own words? Give an example of a function using the variable x and explain how we evaluate a function for a given value of x.

Mapping is assessed.

Given: All students at a university have a mentor. A. Explain why the given described is an onto mapping. B. Create a own real-world example of an onto mapping without using a math formula o Explain what set constitutes the domain. o Explain what set constitutes the codomain. o Explain what relationship exists betwe

How to decide whether to take mean, median, mode, or range?

For each of the following data sets, select the best measure of central tendency, explain why your selection is the best measure, and then compute that measure of central tendency for the data. 1. Approximate average household incomes for families that live in the Fallen Pines subdivision (in thousands of dollars: 55, 59, 39,

Math: Elimination and substitution methods

Explain what the domain and range are of a function. Next, select an exercise between 13 and 36, inclusively, on pages 500 -501 of section 7.2. Find the domain of your selected function while showing your work, and explain the process. f(x)=2x+1 Show how to solve it using the substitution method, and explain this proces

Express equation in slope intercept form.

In the problem below, assume that the relationship can be expressed as a linear equation in two variables, and use the given information to determine the equation. Express the equation in slope-intercept form. A new diet fad claims that a person weighing 160 pounds should consume 1620 daily calories and that a 200 pound pers

Evaluate the Linear Function

Answer the following questions. Show your calculations. 1. Evaluate the function f(x) = 9x - 6 for x=0. 2. Bob owns a watch repair shop. He has found that the cost of operating his shop is given by C(x) = 4x2-296x+85 , where c is cost and x is the number of watches repaired. How many watches must he repair to have the l

determine the objective function

1. Define the decision variables and determine the objective function for the following problem. Consider the following transportation problem: To (cost) From 1 2 3 Supply _____________________________________________ A

Quanatative methods

Your companym Camel Electronics has developed a new USB memory device that uses a copyrighted, secret silicon compound that you invented. The 640 gigabyte model uses 0.125kg of the compound and the 1 Terabyte model uses 0.4. Over the next production cycle, only 80 kg of the compound are available to the manufacturing division

The slope of the secant line

Consider the function f(x)= sqrt(7x+6) We will take steps to find the tangent line to the graph of f at the general point (x,f(x)), and use it to find a tangent line with a specific property. (a) For any point (x,f(x)) on the graph of f, let (x+h,f(x+h)) be another point on the graph of f, where h [cannot]= 0 . The slope

Assessing Slopes and Intercepts

3.1-72 Graph the line defined by the equation . Find the y values for the following values of x: When x = -7: -7 + 4y = 5 4y = 12 y = 3 When x = -3: -3 + 4y = 5 4y = 8 y = 2 When x = 1: 1 + 4y = 5 4y = 4 y = 1 When x = 5: 5 + 4y = 5 4y = 0 y = 0 When x = 9: 9 + 4y = 5 4y = -4 y = -1 x y -

properties of the Stone-Weierstrass Theorem

Let be a compact interval and let A be a collection of continuous functions on which satisfy the properties of the Stone-Weierstrass Theorem [Stone-Weierstrass Theorem: Let K be a compact subset of and let A be a collection of continuous functions on K to R with the properties: a) The constant function belongs to A. b) I

reflection of the graph

Looking for step-by-step solutions on how to solve for the different algebra problems. Please show all work on a word document or excel sheet. 7. Which point on the graph makes this relation not a function? 8. Given find the value of 9. 10. Find the domain and range of the function.

Use the intercepts to graph the equation.

Please help with these problems: Please show the steps. 1. Use the intercepts to graph the equation and also show graph x+5y=10 2. Graph the system of equalities and also show graph yâ?¥-4 xâ?¥6 3. Solve the system of equations. What is the solution? (type ordered pair) X + 3y=3 (1) X = 5 -3y (2) 4. Solve

Intersecting and perpendicular lines

In your own words, explain the difference between intersecting and perpendicular lines. Can two lines exist that are not intersecting or parallel? Explain your answer. Next, I want you to find an example of intersecting, perpendicular, and parallel lines from the "real world". You will explain each of the three examples and

Properties of Functions

Explanation is on file attatched. 1. A student was given the function f(x) = x2 and asked to write the result of translating this function 1 unit to the left. The student wrote the following: g(x) = (x+1)2. Is this statement correct? Explain 2. The length of time that it takes for a pendulum to make one complete swing de

Graphing of functions: f(x) = |x|^x

Use Graphing Utilities to examine a function of x : f(x) = |x|^x Lots of analysis of grpah of f(x)=|x|^x so please inspect the attachment for full treatise


. Determine whether the system is consistent, inconsistent, or dependent. 3x + 2y = 15 6x + 4y = 30 (Points : 1) Consistent Dependent Inconsistent 7. Carla invested $23,000, part at 16% and part at 15%. If the total interest at the end of the year is $3,500, how much did she invest at 16%? (Poin

Quantitative Reasoning

1. Data-Information Relationship A. What is the difference between data and information? What is needed for business decision-making? Data, information or both? If you think data is different from information, which comes first? Data or information? B. Raw data is a list of words or numbers. The purpose of descriptive stat