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Determining Inverse Functions and Relations

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I've attached a problem set which contains the following questions related to inverse functions. Can you help explain the concepts to me?

Given point P of the function f(x), state the corresponding point P' in the inverse of the function.
Determine if the inverse of each relation graphed below is a function.
Find the inverse of each function.
Sketch the function and its inverse.
Describe the transformations that have taken place in the related graph of each function.
Graph the two relations and determine if the two relations are inverses.

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This solution explains how to determine if a relation's inverse is a function, how to find the inverse, how to sketch it, how to describe the transformations that transpired, and how to graph the relations.

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It is possible to visualize the inverse of a function in terms of graphs if you consider that a function and its inverse mirror each other with the x = y line serving as the mirror of reflection. This analogy is particularly applicable in examples 6-8 where the question is asking for ...

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