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Making Proper Graphs

Read the article "How to Display Data Badly," by Howard Wainer. It was published in the American Statistician in 1984, volume 38, pages 137-147. You can find it here:http://www.jstor.org/stable/2683253.
Next, scour the Internet (or if you are feeling particularly plucky, look through your company's annual report!) to find an example of a poorly made or misleading graph. Provide the graph and point out where the graph went awry.
Reproduce the data using a better (more illuminating, more honest, etc) graph format. You may have to do some guesswork on what the underlying data actually are.
1. Post an example of a poorly made graph. Provide the source of your graph.
2. Provide a brief discussion of what makes the graph a poor one. A couple of sentences.
3. Redo the graph (probably using Excel), making sure to correct the faults you identified in the original. Estimate data values to complete this last task.

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A guide to identifying a poorly made or misleading graph of statistics. A brief discussion for making the graph is provided.