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    Graphs and Functions

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    Linear Programming Graphically

    Solve the following linear programming problems graphically: Maximize profit = 4X + 6Y Subject to: X + 2Y ? 8 5X + 4Y ? 20 X,Y ? 0 Minimize cost = 24X + 15Y Subject to: 7X + 11Y ? 77 16X + 4Y ? 80

    Statistical Concepts

    Plotting the Binomial Probabilities using MINITAB 1.) Create plots for the three binomial distributions above. Select Graph > Scatter Plot and Simple then for graph 1 set Y equal to 'one fourth' and X to 'success' by clicking on the variable name and using the "select" button below the list of variables. Do this two more ti

    Find an example online of a graph used in real life

    Find an example online of a graph used in real life. Please provide the link to the web page by using the link button in the editor. Describe at least one mathematical feature of the graph (e.g. shape, slope, coordinates, axes, quadrants, etc.) and how the feature/graph can help us to analyze the real-life situation.

    Mixed Cost Analysis and the Relevant Range

    The Ramon Company is a manufacturer that is interested in developing a cost formula to estimate the fixed and variable components of its monthly manufacturing overhead costs. The company wishes to use machine- hours as its measure of activity and has gathered the data below for this year and last year:

    Write matlab function A=LU factorization.

    Write the following MATLAB functions (a) function l,u¸=naivege(a) that returns the lower triangular matrix L and an upper triangular matrix U such that A=LU, obtained by Gauss Elimination without pivoting. (b) function x=utrisol(u,b) that solves the upper tridiagnonal system Ux=b using backward substitution. (c) Function x=l

    Aids Case

    Complete the following : Complete parts a-d from the. Examine the importance and applicability of this week's concepts to each team member and to society in general. Post your solutions from this exercise . AIDS Cases From 1993 to 2003 the cumulative number N of AIDS cases in thousands can be approximated by N =-2x2 +76x +

    Finding the Number of Items Sold

    Consider the following profit functions: P(x) = 5000 - (1000/(x-1)) , x > 1 P(x) = 5000 - (1000/(x-2)) , x > 2 where P(x) indicates the annual profit in thousands of dollars, and x is the number of items sold in thousands. Find out the number of items sold, in each case, to achieve the annual profit value of 4000.

    How to Determine If a Relation is a Function

    Determine which relation is a function a) {(3,0),(0,3), (5,4),(0,1)} b){ (0,0),(0,3), (0,4),(0,1)} c) {(-1,0),(3,0),(-1,4), (5,2)} d){(3,0),(2,3),(5,4),(6,1)} the relation {(5,0),(1,9),(2,4)} is not a function when ordered pair is added to the set. a)(3,0) b)(9,1) c)(-6,-8) d)(2,7) the table is the projecte

    problems regarding differentiability and function operation

    Please provide detailed solution: What can you say about the differentiability of fg at x = c in each of the following cases? (Here the function fg is defined by fg(x) = f(x)g(x)). (a) f is differentiable at c, but g is not. (b) f is not differentiable at c, and neither is g. (c) both f and g are differentiab

    Finding a linear demand function and maximizing profit

    You are given two points representing the number of items sold at a particular price. From these two points, a linear demand function is constructed. You are also given information on the cost of each item so that you can construct a cost function. From the demand function you can form a revenue function and finally the profi

    Use derivative to graph function and find maximal value

    Question 1: sketch the graph of the following function f(x)=x^3-6x^2+12x+3 Question 2: Staring with a 100-foot-long stone wall, a farmer would like to construct a rectangular enclosure by adding 400 feet of fencing, as shown in the figure to the right. Find the value of x and w that result in the greatest possible area

    Problems Pertaining to Rigid Body Rotation

    ** Please see the attachment for the complete problem description ** A rigid body is spinning with an angular speed of 60pie radians per second (1800 rpm). The axis of rotation lies in the direction of the vector 2i + 2j -k. A small particle on the spinning body with mass of one kilogram passes through the point P with positi

    slope of a line

    See the attachment. Is there a relationship between the sign (positive or negative) of the slope of a line and the angle the line makes with the x-axis?

    Manual Graph Functions

    Without a calculator, sketch the following function. Make sure to label both the x and y intercepts. (HINT: Find the zeroes and y-intercept in terms of c) Function: y=x^2-4cx+4c^2, for c > 0

    Providing Proof about Functions

    Let f: X--> Y and g: Y-->Z be functions. Show that if g o f is injective, then f must be injective. Is it true that g must also be injective? Show that if g o f is surjective, then g must be surjective. Is it true that f must also be surjective?

    Creating equations for parabolas

    Give the focus, directrix, and axis for each parabola: 1. x^2= 1/8y Write an equation for each parabola with vertex at the origin: 1. through (-2, -2 square root 2), opening left 2. through (2,-4), symmetric with respect to the y-axis

    Questions about Cubic Production Function: What are the equations for total product, average product, and marginal product? When does marginal product of labor begin to diminish? What is average variable cost and marginal cost?

    In Microsoft Excel please respond to all questions and math problems in the following problem (See Attachment). Please show Microsoft Excel formula(s) and work. ----------------------- Homework Exercise Numbers 1 1. A firm estimates its cubic production function of the following form: Q = AL3 + BL2 and obtains the fo

    Function be continuous and discontinuous

    Problem 3: Explain why this is no good as a definition of continuity at a point a (either by giving an example of a continuous function that does not satisfy the definition or a discontinuous one that does): Given  > 0 there exists a  > 0 such that |x - a| <   |f(x) - f(a)| <  Problem 4: Can a functio

    Graphs of Polar Equations

    Test for symmetry and then graph the polar equation r=4+6sin2theta a) is the polar equation symmetric with respect to the polar axis? b) is the polar equation symmetric with respect to the line theta=pi/2? c) is the polar equation symmetric with respect to the pole?

    Delta function formulas

    a) Justify the formula ?(2x)=(1/2)?(x) by limits and by duality; b) Find a similar formula for ?(ax) when a>0 and when a<0; c) We know that x?(x)=0, where ? is the delta function. On the other hand by Leibniz rule (x?(x))â?²=?(x)+x?â?²(x) is apparently not zero. How can this paradox be explained?

    how many functions exist from X to Y

    Hello, my problem is this: X={1,2,3,4} and Y={1,2,3,...,n} How many functions exist from X to Y? How many functions exist from Y to X? Is the first one n(n-1)(n-2)(n-3) ? Tha'ts my guess, but I don't really know! Thanks for any help. -john

    Maximum value of the function

    ** Please see the attached file for a Word formatted copy of the question ** Find the maximum value of the function: f(x, y, z) = x^2y^2z^2 subject to the constraint x^2 + y^2 + z^2 = 75.

    Expressions, equations, functions, and graphing

    What are the differences among expressions, equations, and functions? Provide examples of each. If a line has no y-intercept, what can you say about the line? What if a line has no x-intercept? Think of a real-life situation where a graph would have no x- or y-intercept. Will that always be true for that situation?

    Graphing a Population Function

    Please help with the following graph and function problem. The population of a city is 50,000 in 2008 and is growing at a continuous yearly rate of 4.5%. Give the population of the city as a function of the number of years since 2008. Sketch a graph of the population against time. The function is 50,000(1.045)^t, but I do

    Real-world math - Global Warming graph and questions.

    Global warming is an area of great concern for the future of our planet and our society. The graphic below, based on the data from National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), shows the global annual-mean surface air temperature since the year of 1880. It is derived from the analysis of the historical data from the larg

    Discontinuity property of all values

    Please show all work. Problem 1: Prove that if f is continuous at all values of x then so is kf where k is a constant. Problem 2: Give an example of a function that is continuous at all non-integer values but is discontinuous at all integer values. Prove the discontinuity property of your function (i.e. that it is d

    What is the Optimal capital budget for United Medtronics ?

    The managers of United Medtronic are evaluating the following four projects for the coming budget period. The firm's corporate cost of capital is 14 percent. Project Cost IRR A $15,000 17% B 15,000 16 C 12,000 15 D 20,000 13 a. What is the f

    linear trend

    The president of a small manufacturing firm has been concerned about continual growth in manufacturing cost over the past several years. the following is time series of the cost per unit(in dollars) for the firm's leading product over the past eight years Year Cost per Unit ($) 1 20.00 2

    What is a scatter diagram?

    What is a scatter diagram? Explain, in your own words, the purpose of a scatter diagram. What is meant by the term regression line and how does one find the line of best fit?