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    graph the corresponding equations

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    Graph each line and shade appropriate portion .
    for every case there constrains x â?¥ 0 and y â?¥ 0 . Find coordinates of all corner points: intersection between given lines and intersection between lines and x- or y-axis .

    x + y â?¤ 5
    -x + y â?¤ 3

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    First, graph the corresponding equations:

    The graph of each equation is a straight line. To graph a line, we just need to find two points in this line. The x-and y-intercepts will be enough in our case.
    x+y=5: the x-intercept: set y=0 in the original equation, solve for y: x+0=5, x=5. The x-intercept is ...

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    Also, this posting finds the point of intersection of these lines.