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    Graphing equations

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    1. Sketch Graph: f(x) = 3x4-2x³-12x²+18x (MUST SHOW ALL WORK)

    2. Sketch Graph: f(x) = x4-18x²+81 (MUST SHOW ALL WORK)

    Note: The 4 in both problems is an exponent

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    1. Sketch Graph: f(x) = 3x4-2x³-12x²+18x (MUST SHOW ALL WORK)
    Here we need to draw the graph.

    Given : f(x)= 3x4 -2x3-12x2+18x

    To sketch the graph, plug in the values for x =-2,-1,0,1,2...and find the corresponding values of f(x)

    Here f(x) is nothing ...

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    This provides examples of graphing quartic equations.