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Series and Sequences of Parametric Equations

Following are the instructions from my teacher for the final review. please follow directions precisely and show all steps by hand. Answers must be exact unless otherwise indicated.

1) Consider the parametric equations x =2t+1/t and y = 1-t.

(i) Using a table sketch the curve represented by the parametric equations. Write out the table that you use. Be sure to indicate the orientation of the cure. *****Please explain what is meant by the orientation of the curve.

(ii) Determine the corresponding rectangular equation, write y as a function of x (isolating y). Please explain what is meant by a rectangular equation & how to isolate y.

(iii) Determine the (x,y) coordinates and the value of the parameter at the point(s) where the slope of the tangent line to the curve is 4.

(iv) What is the concavity of the graph at the point where t =-1?

Thank you very much I look forward to the feedback!

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