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Fractions and Percentages

Hypothesis Testing and Two-Tailed Tests

In the year 2000, the state of Indiana began a $40-million renovation of its state fairgrounds, which included the building of a miniature golf course and a state-of-the-art livestock building. Now, Indiana officials are interested in learning what sorts of people are visiting the new attractions. In a survey done at this year's

Percentage of women who have never married

Single women. The percentage of women in the 20-24 age group who have never married went from 55% in 1970 to 73% in 2000 (Census Bureau, www.census.gov). Let 1970 be year 0 and 2000 be year 30.a) Find and interpret the slope of the line through the points (0, 55) and (30, 73).b) Find the equation of the line in part (a).c) What

Polynomials and Decimals Simply

How do you 8) Simplify ((-8a^-1b^-3)/(2a^3b))^-2 9) Simplify (3x^4)^2(4x^-5)^-1 divided by 12x^-6 10) Simplify (5x^2y^4)^2(-3x^-4y^-1)^3 11) Simplify -24a^3b^5 + 36a^2b^2 - 12ab^2 divided by -4ab 12) How do you Write these in standard (decimal) notation: a) 2.45 X 10^3 b) 3.34

Converting Decimal to Binary

Convert these integers from decimal notation to binary notation. Please show each step if possible. I am having a terrible time trying to understand this. a. 231 b. 4532 c. 97644 d. 321 e. 1023 f. 100632

Finance : Ratio Analysis

I am attaching a spreadsheet with the company's reports. I need some help with writing my paper. Do not worry about the APA or the accurate formate I will clean up. However, I need understanding of the context of the documents. Introduction paragraph - Introduce the Company and discuss the purpose of the project. Ratio

Ratio and rate

I need help in completing the following exercises. I need to use the Equation Editor in Microsoft® Word to do these problems, then submit a Word document, showing the work and answers. Attached you will find the problems to be completed. Please help me by actually working the problems with microsoft Equation Editor & replying

Numbers as Real and Rational, Real and Irrational, or Complex

1. Classify the given numbers as real and rational, real and irrational, or complex. a. (2)^1/2 + 2 b. i c. 0 d. 3-(-5)^1/2i e. (100)^1/5 f. 30007 g. (8)1/3 h. 4+0i 2. Think of any fundamental operation (addition, subtraction, muliplication, division, exponentiation) on a. Irrational number, which

Simplifying Expressions

Reduce expression to lowest terms. Please see the attached file for the fully formatted problems.

Problems Involving Percentages

(1) The minimum daily values (MDV's) for certain foods are given. They are based on a 2,000 calorie per day diet. Find decimal and fractional notation for the percent notation in each sentence. a). 1 ounce of Tostitos provides 9% of the MDV of fat c). ½ cup of Campbell's New England clam chowder provides 6% of th

the percentage increase in the age 75+ population of Europe

Use the following table to answer the question. Population of Europe by Age Groups Population (in thousands) 1950 1970 1995 Age 0-14 143,175 166,367 139,464 Age 15-64 359,162 421,432 487,110 Age 65+ 44,981 68,642 101,338 Age 75+ 14,553 22,762 38,139 Total 547,318 656,441 727,912 Source: European Rural Development (ERD

Decimals as Fractions

Write each decimal as a fraction in lowest terms (simplest form). (1) 0.1 (2) 0.07 (3) 9.4 Also, how would you convert 3.1 to both a fraction and a percent?

Finding financial ratios for McCORD CORPORATION

McCORD CORPORATION Ratios (1) Current ratio: to 1 (2) Acid-test ratio: to 1 (3) Days' sales uncollected: days (4) Inventory turnover: times (5) Days' sales in inventory: days 6) Ratio of pledged assets to secured liabilities: to 1 (7) Times interest earned: times

Taylor Series, Interval of Convergence, and Partial Fractions

Let f(x) = 1/(1-2x). a. Find the first five terms in the Taylor series about x = 0 for f(x). b. Find the interval of convergence for the series in part (a). c. Use partial fractions and the result from part (a) to find the first five terms in the Taylor series about x = 0 for g(x) = 1/(1-2x)(1-x).

Percentage Change

1) An Art dealer sold two artworks for $1520 thereby making a profit of 25% on the first work and 10% profit on the other, whereas if he had approached any exhibition he would have sold them together for $1535 with a profit of 10% on the first and 25% on the other artwork. Find the actual cost of each artwork. 2) A professor

Financial ratios, Du Pont system

1. What are the four categories of financial ratios? Choose one category (excluding liquidity ratios) and list and describe the various ratios in that category. What do the calculated numbers mean for these ratios? 2. What is the Du Pont system, and why is it better than the traditional ROE model?

Compounding interest and calculating the amount of money returned

The formula for calculating the amount of money returned for an initial deposit money into a bank account or CD (Certificate of Deposit) is given by A is the amount of returned. P is the principal amount initially deposited. r is the annual interest rate (expressed as a decimal). n is the compound period. t is the number of

Fractions and decimals

1. An ad for a computer printer stated that you could buy the printer for only $280.00, or 80 % of the original price . What was the original price of the printer? 2. After 35 minutes Hayden had completed 7/10 of his math test. If he has a total of 55 minutes to complete the test, do you think he will finish on time?

Irrationality of Pi-Squared and Repeating Decimals

1. Show that (pi)^2 is irrational 2. Write 12.999 as a fraction. 3. Explain why the ratio of 2 integers must always be a repeating decimal? 4. Suppose that you have a set, if you remove some things from the set, will the remaining things always contain fewer items in it than the original set? If so, why? If not, show

Retail mathematics sales percentage

The buyer of women's gloves currently has an average inventory of $20500, with an annual turnover rate of 4.0. Because this rate of stock turn is below the industry average, a 7.82% increase in turnover is sought. Assuming a constant level of inventory, calculate the percentage increase in sales necessary to produce a 7.82% incr

Monte carlo simulation problem

Clark Property Management is responsible for maintenance, rental, and day-to-day operation of a large apartment complex on the east side of New Orleans. George Clark is especially concerned about the cost projections for replacing air conditioner compressors. He would like to simulate the number of compressor failures each yea