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Fractions and Percentages

Fermat's little theorem described

1) Briefly describe the argument for why a^p ? a (modp) when p is a prime number and a any whole number. What goes wrong with the argument if p is not a prime number? 2) Find each of the following remainders: - The remainder of 2^113 when divided by 17. - The remainder of 2^2578 when divided by 13. - The remainder of 2

Anthyphairetic Ratio

a) Show that the anthyphairetic ratio [x:1] is [1, 1, 1,...] **b**) Let a_n be the ratio expressed by the anthyphairetic ratio [1,...,1,2] where there are n ones followed by a 2. Explain why, as n grows, a_n gets closer and closer to [x:1]. In this respect, the entries in an anthyphairetic ratio are like the digits in a decim

Characterization of Repeating and Terminating Decimals

a. Which fractions a/b have terminating decimals? b. Which fractions a/b have repeating decimals? c. Sometimes (for example 1/12 ) only part of the decimal repeats while in other cases (for example 1/7 ) the whole decimal repeats. Assuming a/b is a reduced fraction, how can you tell which of these two scenarios will occ


SEE ATTACHED DOCUMENT 10 TOTAL QUESTIONS INVOLVING Z-SCORES, CONFIDENCE INTERVALS, AND PROBABILITY 1. Polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) is among a group of organic pollutants found in a variety of products, such as coolants, insulating materials, and lubricants in electrical equipment. Disposal of items containing less than

Mean and Median are exemplified.

Provide ten or more numerical data values from the data that you use in your profession (real estate house prices in a neighborhood, test scores of a particular test, blood pressure of patients, etc.) and find its Mean and Median value. Explain which one of the Mean or Median is not sensitive to extreme values (low or high) and

Assess a vertical drop: 2 1/5 percent of 55 feet.

Suppose that a county ordinance requires a 2 1/5% 'fall' for a sewage pipe from the house to the main pipe at the street. How much vertical drop to nearest foot must there be for a horizontal distance of 55 feet.? a. 2 ft b. 9 ft c. 4 ft d. 3 ft e. 1 ft

Why we should clear fractions and decimals

Why should we clear fractions when solving linear equations and inequalities? Demonstrate how this is done with an example. Why should we clear decimals when solving linear equations and inequalities? Demonstrate how this is done with an example. Post one other example (either fraction or decimal) for classmates to solve

Chi square test for association..

) A medical researchers claims that 20% of children suffer from a certain disorder. Identify the Type I error for the test. (a) Fail to reject the claim that the percentage of children who suffer from the disorder is equal to 20% when the percentage is actually 20% (b) Reject the claim that the percentage of children who suf

Number Analysis

1. (L'Hopital's Rule) Show that if f,g:X->R, x0 belonging to X is a limit point of X such that f(x0) = g(x0) = 0, f,g are differentiable at x0, and g'(x0) != 0, then there is some delta > 0 such that g(x) != 0 for all x belonging to (X INTERSECTION (x0 - delta, x0 + delta) and lim x->x0 [f(x)/g(x)] = f'(x0) / g'(x0) . Hint

Estimate when the percentages were equal for cable and the major networks.

Please show all the work. The percentage of households with a television tuned in to ad-supported cable increased linearly from 24.6% in 1995 to 42.5% in 2009. The percentage of households with a TV tuned into a major network decreased linearly from 47% in 1995 to 32% in 2009. Estimate when the percentages were equal for cabl

Mathamatics: Word Problem Help

Hello, I am having trouble with the following homework question. I've used my notes and book but cannot figure it out. Any help is appreciated. Thank you!! Here is the problem: Between 1989 and 1997 the percentage of households with incomes of $100,000 or more (in 1997 dollars) is modeled by f(x) = .071x2 - .426x +


Assume a binomial probability distribution with n= 40 and (pi symbol)Ï? = 0.55. Compute the following: (Round the value for standard deviation and intermediate calculations to 2 decimal places and your final answer to 4 decimal places.) (a) The mean and standard deviation of the random variable. ?=


Mattel Corporation produces a remote-controlled car that requires three AA batteries. The mean life of these batteries in this product is 35 hours. The distribution of the battery lives closely follows the normal probability distribution with a standard deviation of 5.6 hours. As a part of their testing program Sony tests sample

Convert values between Decimal, Binary, and Hexadecimal Numbers

Demonstrate how to convert values between decimal, binary, and hexadecimal numbers. Problem: Using the following table, convert the defined value into the correct value for the corresponding number system: Line Decimal Binary Hexadecimal 1 2678 2 8FC 3


(1.) An apple pie is removed from a 350 degree oven. The temperature of the pie t minutes after being reemoved is given by the function: T(t) = 72+268e -0.086t. Determine the time(in minutes) required for the pie to cool to a temperature of 115 degrees Fahrenheit. Answer accurate to two decimal points.. (2.) A ball is tosse


1)Solve the following equations algebraically. You must show all your work 2)Solve algebraically and check your potential solutions: 3)The volume of a cube is given by V = s3, where s is the length of a side. Find the length of a side of a cube if the volume is 800 cm3. Round the answer to three decimal places 4)For the fol

Break even Problems

1) Harold operates a hot dog stand at the Jugulars football games. He pays $2000 per game to rent the space. Each hot dog (with bun and condiments) costs him $0.33, and he sells hot dogs for $3 each. If he sells 1200 hot dogs per game, how much profit will he make? 2) Harold (from problem 1) just read about a new hot

Fractions and Geometry to Justify Answers

1. Find the best buy on pasta sauce (1 qt is 32 oz). Justify your answer. 1 qt for $1.29 45 oz for $1.59 48 oz for $1.79 1 qt 16 oz for $1.99 2. A restaurant has 8 tables and 17 booths. Write the ratio of booths to tables as a fraction. 3. A computer transmits 25 Web pages in 2 seconds (s) to a Web server. A sec

Math 115 CP week 7

I am lost when it comes to these math problems. Can you please explain in detail how to find the solutions to these problems? 1) Find the complement of 2) Subtract. 8 gal 1 qt - 3 gal 2 qt 3) Label the triangle as equilateral, isosceles, or scalene. 4) Write 30% as a fraction 5) Write as

Fractions and Percentages Problems

1) A new car depreciates an average of 22% in its first year of use. If the car was worth $16,000 when it was new, what will the car be worth after 1 year? 2) A state sales tax rate is 4.8%. If the tax on a purchase was $23.76, what was the price of the purchase? 3) Ms. Jefferson has been given a loan of $20,000 for 1 year

Systems of Equations and Inequalities Problems

See the attached file. In exercise 44 and 46, let x represent one number and let y represent the other number. Use the given conditions to write a system of equations. Solve the system and find the numbers. 44) The sum of two numbers is 2. If one number is subtracted from the other, their difference is 8. Find the numbers.

annual percentage yield

1. For the following problems, determine how many years it will take for the two accounts to reach the same amount. A 1000 dollar investment at a rate of 3% compounded monthly and an 1100 dollar investment at a rate of 3.02% compounded annually. A 2000 dollar investment at a rate of 4% compounded continuously and a 3000 doll

Find and label the vertex and the line of symmetry.

1.Find and label the vertex and the line of symmetry. F(x)=(x+1)^2 Vertex = Line of symmetry is x= 3. The length of a rectangle is twice the width. The area is 648 yd^2. Find the length and the width. Length = Width = 4. Find and label the vertex and the line of symmetry. F(x)= 1/4x^2 Vertex = Line of symmetry = 5

Solving equations

Please see attached for the complete details of the given problems: Week 3 MTH/209 COLLEGE MATHEMATICS II IE3

Basic Algeabra And Triangle Geometry

Please see the attached file for the fully formatted problems. Ch6-1 Provide the following: a. Write 40% as a decimal. b. Write 0.21 as a percent. a. ___________ b. ___________ 2 If $7,800 is deposited into an account paying 6% interest compounded annually (at the end of each year), how much money is in the account after

Percentages and Writing Equations from Word Problems

A local company makes pigments used to color fabrics, plastics and paints. To ensure the finished product matches the customer's expectations, pigments of varying strength are blended to obtain what is called a "100% strength" commercial standard. The plant has 5000 pounds of Pigment Red 1 with strength of 123% of the standard,

Ratios, Proportions, Percentages, Fractions and Word Problems

Write the ratio of to 6 in simplest form. Find the unit price for the item: $6.24 for a dozen pears. Write a proportion that is equivalent to the statement: If 3 pizzas can feed 6 people, then 9 pizzas can feed 18 people Is the rate equivalent to the rate ? Solve for the unknown: Write 58% as a fraction or