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    Fractions and Percentages

    Solve the Equation using Addition Method

    Some election data can be modeled by the following system of equations -- x + 2y = 47 -x + 2y = 27 where x is the years after 1996, and y is the percentage of group A voters in the first equation, and y is the percentage of group B voters in the second equation. Use the addition method to determine in which year the perce

    Integers and Fractions

    Can you think of two examples of something you use every day that you can express as an integer (one positive, one negative)? Also, think of something you use every day you can express as a fraction or a decimal.

    Finding the Absolute Change and the Percentage Change

    Find the absolute change and the percentage change in the following case. The population of a country increased from 99 million in 1990 to 259 million in 2010. The absolute change is _______ million The percentage change is ______%.

    Conversion factor

    1. Describe the three forms in which we can write any conversion factor. Given the conversion in one form, such as 1 lb = 16 oz, how do you find the other two forms? What are the three forms of any conversion factor? Select all that apply. DA. A sum of the two units that is equal to zero. DB. A fraction of the second unit

    percents and earnings

    I'm having a hard time completing this homework assignment and could use some help and guidance on how to do it: 1. Last season, a pair of jeans cost $44.95. This season, the price of all jeans increased by 15 percent. Later in the season, the jeans were put on sale for 15 percent off. - How much did the jeans cost at the b

    calculating percentages for different normal distributions

    The scores on a lab test are normally distributed with mean of 200. If the standard deviation is 20, find a) The score that is 2 standard deviations below the mean b) The percentage of scores that fall between 180 and 240 c) The percentage of scores above 240 d) The percentage of scores between 200 and 260 e) The percentag

    Percent Calories from Protein, Carbohydrates, and Fat

    Gather three of your favourite packaged foods; perhaps one from each: breakfast, lunch and dinner. Use the model explained in the "Are You Sure It's Fat Free?" to analyze, through the mathematical formula explained, the fat content and protein content from your foods. To analyze the protein content use 4 calories per gram of pro

    Fractions and Percentages

    Let's look at some numbers you encounter in your everyday life and use them to do some calculations. 1. Count how many contacts you have in your cell phone. Write down this number. 2. For one week, keep track of the number of these people who called you. 3. Use these two numbers to calculate a) The FRACTION of contac


    Exercises 1. Solve the following problems with integers a. 31+(-18) b. (-8)+14+5 c. 7Ã-(-13) d. (-125)÷(-5) 2. Solve the following problems with fractions: a. 3/7 + 2/7 b. 5/8 - 1/4 c. 4/9 + 1/11 c. 1+ 4/7- 3/4 3. Solve the following problems with decimals a. 3.11-4.5 b. 5.27*(-5.81) c. 11.3/2.2 4. Write

    Percentage and Sample Size Questions

    1.) In a filling line at A & C Foods, Ltd., the mean fill volume for rice bubbles is 325 grams and the standard deviation is 20 grams. What percentage of containers will have less than 295 grams? More than 345grams (assuming no overflow)? 2.) Determine the appropriate sample size needed to estimate the proportion of sorting

    Percentage based problem

    A movie theater uses 12% of its ticket sales from a single weekend to pay its heating/cooling bill for the entire month. It averages 9600 patrons during a typical weekend, charging $8.50 per adult and $6.25 per child. The theater is predicting a $9121 heating/cooling bill for the next month. What percentage of total ticket sales

    Markups and Markdowns

    Part I: Markups and Markdowns A manufacturer produces ceiling fans at a cost of $38.25 per fan. During the summer months, it sells the fan in one of its retail outlets at a price of $55.00. However, during the fall and winter season, the manufacturer discounts its fans by 20% off the $55.00 list price. -If you were to orde

    Real world math

    1. Criminal Justice There are many important formulas that are used in the field of criminal justice. For example, the Widmark formula is used to calculate the blood alcohol concentration (BAC) at a particular time for an individual. Widmark's research found that the average man's body can hold alcohol in even distribution in

    Use absolute value notation.

    Simplify. Use absolute value notation when necessary. -3 square root of -1000 Simplify do not use negative exponents in the answer y?5 · y Simplify. Assume that no denominator is 0 and that 00 is not considered. (a8b3)(a4b)

    Determining an Amount After Simple Interest

    Mary invested one amount at 7% simple interest, and a second amount at 6% interest, earning $41.91 in one year. If she had switched the amounts, she would have earned $41.03. What were the two amounts?

    Polar Curve Example Problem

    How do I show that the polar curve r = 4 + 2 sec(theta) has the line x = 2 as a vertical asymptote by showing that lim r->+/1 infinity of x = 2? (That is, the limit of x as r goes to positive or negative infinity).

    Probability that Men Will Be Color Blind

    The probability that a male will be color blind is 0.049. Find the probabilities that in a group of 58 men, the following will be true. a. exactly 5 are color blind b. no more than 5 are color-blind c. at least 1 is color-blind a. P(exactly 5)= (Type an integer or decimal rounded to four decimal places as needed.) b.

    Fermat's little theorem described

    1) Briefly describe the argument for why a^p ? a (modp) when p is a prime number and a any whole number. What goes wrong with the argument if p is not a prime number? 2) Find each of the following remainders: - The remainder of 2^113 when divided by 17. - The remainder of 2^2578 when divided by 13. - The remainder of 2

    Decimal and Rational Numbers

    Every repeating decimal number is a rational number. I need to prove it with the steps with the simplest repeating decimal of period n.

    Tree Growth Percentage

    In a forest planted in a certain type of pine trees with a height of 1.7 m. For they are 15 years old, grows trees with a height 17.3% per year. a) Establish a formula that describes the tree height as a function of number of years after planting. b) How high is a 7 year old wood, according to the model? c) What is the

    1.Please help with solution

    12 A production center is available for 8 hours a day in a factory. It is comprised of several rotary parts and the worker operating it, is required to lubricate these rotary parts regularly each day. It takes 2 hours to remove these parts from the production center, lubricate them and assemble them back. The production center i

    Anthyphairetic Ratio

    a) Show that the anthyphairetic ratio [x:1] is [1, 1, 1,...] **b**) Let a_n be the ratio expressed by the anthyphairetic ratio [1,...,1,2] where there are n ones followed by a 2. Explain why, as n grows, a_n gets closer and closer to [x:1]. In this respect, the entries in an anthyphairetic ratio are like the digits in a decim

    Characterization of Repeating and Terminating Decimals

    a. Which fractions a/b have terminating decimals? b. Which fractions a/b have repeating decimals? c. Sometimes (for example 1/12 ) only part of the decimal repeats while in other cases (for example 1/7 ) the whole decimal repeats. Assuming a/b is a reduced fraction, how can you tell which of these two scenarios will occ

    Decimals and Digits

    I need help using words to write the number 0.00006184 Are these in order from the least to the greatest? 0.0164, 0.0426, 0.0461, and 0.0614 Is 47,000,067,000.4200 the digits and decimal point to write the number forty-seven billion, sixty-seven thousand and four hundred seventeen hundred-thousandths?

    The Continued Fraction Expansion of 1 + sqrt(2)

    with side s and diagonal d then performing a division algorithm (as mentioned in the prior question), on d+s,s yields an infinite sequence of 2's. what can be concluded about the ratio of the diagonal of the square to the side? what real number do you think an infinite sequence of 1's corresponds to?

    Determining What Percentage of Americans Will Exercise

    Using the attached (see the attached file): (A) Analyze the output above to determine what percentage of Americans will exercise between 11 and 21 minutes per week. (B) What percentage of Americans will exercise less than 15 minutes? If 1000 Americans were evaluated, how many would you expect to have exercised less than 15

    Calculate the per capita cost per police officer

    The average cost of employing each police officer per year is $30,000 for a small town. The current population of the town is 1,000. Calculate the per capita cost per police officer. Explain why increased population can result in increased per capita taxes, even though the per-capita cost per police officer declines with populat

    The dot on the cumulative percentage line

    1. Excel File DeltaAircraft2008 lists the aircraft in the Delta fleet by model in 2008. a. Construct a bar chart, pie chart, and Pareto Diagram for this data. b. Under what circumstances might you want to use a pie chart rather than a bar chart? c. In the Pareto Diagram, explain the meaning of the dot on the cumula