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percents and earnings

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I'm having a hard time completing this homework assignment and could use some help and guidance on how to do it:

1. Last season, a pair of jeans cost $44.95. This season, the price of all jeans increased by 15 percent. Later in the season, the jeans were put on sale for 15 percent off.
- How much did the jeans cost at the beginning of the season?
- What was their sales price?
- Were you surprised by the sale price of the jeans? Why or why not?

2. The list price of an iPod speaker is $67.50. It is on sale for 20% off, and there is an 8% sales tax. The store calculates the sales tax on the $67.50, and then takes 20% off the total. Jonathan wants them to take the discount first and then calculate the tax, reasoning that the tax will then be calculated based on the lower price and he will pay less.
- Is Jonathan correct? How much will he pay each way?

3. Without doing any further calculation, what do you think the jeans in problem #1 would cost if they had gone on sale by 15% first and then had their price increased by 15%? Why?

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Percents and earnings are examined.

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Hi there,

Thanks for letting me work on your questions. Below is some help for you:

1.At the beginning of the season, the cost of the jeans: 44.95*(1+15%)=51.69 dollars.
Their sales price now: 51.69*(1-15%)=43.94 dollars.
I was not surprised by the sale price of the jeans since ...

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