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    Fractions and Percentages

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    Calculate the per capita cost per police officer

    The average cost of employing each police officer per year is $30,000 for a small town. The current population of the town is 1,000. Calculate the per capita cost per police officer. Explain why increased population can result in increased per capita taxes, even though the per-capita cost per police officer declines with populat

    The dot on the cumulative percentage line

    1. Excel File DeltaAircraft2008 lists the aircraft in the Delta fleet by model in 2008. a. Construct a bar chart, pie chart, and Pareto Diagram for this data. b. Under what circumstances might you want to use a pie chart rather than a bar chart? c. In the Pareto Diagram, explain the meaning of the dot on the cumula


    SEE ATTACHED DOCUMENT 10 TOTAL QUESTIONS INVOLVING Z-SCORES, CONFIDENCE INTERVALS, AND PROBABILITY 1. Polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) is among a group of organic pollutants found in a variety of products, such as coolants, insulating materials, and lubricants in electrical equipment. Disposal of items containing less than

    percentages discovery for median salary

    Level of education Median salary Advanced degree $69,056 Bachelor's degree $53,300 Some college/associate's degree $37,752 High school diploma, no college $32,552 Less than high school diploma $23,608 Simply finishing high school results in a 38% in median salary, whereas completing that bachelor's degree results in a 41

    Mean and Median are exemplified.

    Provide ten or more numerical data values from the data that you use in your profession (real estate house prices in a neighborhood, test scores of a particular test, blood pressure of patients, etc.) and find its Mean and Median value. Explain which one of the Mean or Median is not sensitive to extreme values (low or high) and

    Assess a vertical drop: 2 1/5 percent of 55 feet.

    Suppose that a county ordinance requires a 2 1/5% 'fall' for a sewage pipe from the house to the main pipe at the street. How much vertical drop to nearest foot must there be for a horizontal distance of 55 feet.? a. 2 ft b. 9 ft c. 4 ft d. 3 ft e. 1 ft

    Why we should clear fractions and decimals

    Why should we clear fractions when solving linear equations and inequalities? Demonstrate how this is done with an example. Why should we clear decimals when solving linear equations and inequalities? Demonstrate how this is done with an example. Post one other example (either fraction or decimal) for classmates to solve

    Binary conversions

    I need to know step-by-step how to find the decimal value of 0101111101110011110111111001110 2 using Two's compliment and how to find the 16 bit 1's compliment of 2000 Also other recommended solutions that would help me to learn / understand how to make

    Chi square test for association..

    ) A medical researchers claims that 20% of children suffer from a certain disorder. Identify the Type I error for the test. (a) Fail to reject the claim that the percentage of children who suffer from the disorder is equal to 20% when the percentage is actually 20% (b) Reject the claim that the percentage of children who suf

    Find the percentage of women

    When designing the palcement of a CD player in a new model car, engineers must consider the forward grip reach of the driver. Woman have forward grip reaches that are normally distributed with a mean of 27.0 inches and a standard deviation of 1.3 inches. Find the percentage of women with forward grip reaches between 24.4 inche

    Determining Percentages

    The diameters of grapefruits in a certain orchard are normally distributed with a mean of 7.10 inches and a standard deviation of 0.50 inches. (A) What percentage of the grapefruits in this orchard have diameters less than 6.8 inches? (B) What percentage of the grapefruits in this orchard are larger than 7.00 inches?

    Finding Percentages Distributed

    How much money to distribute to several groups based on their number of personnel and the percentage that they represent. group 1 - 18 group 2 - 14 group 3 - 58 group 4 - 19 group 5 - 26 group 6 - 31 gruop 7 - 13 group 8 - 45 The amount of money is $35,192.

    What percentage of households will be homeowners in 2010?

    The 1990 census reported that 27% of the households in Middletown were homeowners and the remainder were renters. During the next decade, 7% of the homeowners became renters and the rest continued to be homeowners. Similarly, 16% of the renters became homeowners and rest continued to rent. (A) Fill in the appropriate transit

    Price earning ratios: mean, median, mode

    See attachment for full problem. Find the mean, median and the mode for the data in the following table. The means is approximately_____? The median is approximately_____? The mode is approximately_____?

    Number Analysis

    1. (L'Hopital's Rule) Show that if f,g:X->R, x0 belonging to X is a limit point of X such that f(x0) = g(x0) = 0, f,g are differentiable at x0, and g'(x0) != 0, then there is some delta > 0 such that g(x) != 0 for all x belonging to (X INTERSECTION (x0 - delta, x0 + delta) and lim x->x0 [f(x)/g(x)] = f'(x0) / g'(x0) . Hint

    Estimate when the percentages were equal for cable and the major networks.

    Please show all the work. The percentage of households with a television tuned in to ad-supported cable increased linearly from 24.6% in 1995 to 42.5% in 2009. The percentage of households with a TV tuned into a major network decreased linearly from 47% in 1995 to 32% in 2009. Estimate when the percentages were equal for cabl

    Mathamatics: Word Problem Help

    Hello, I am having trouble with the following homework question. I've used my notes and book but cannot figure it out. Any help is appreciated. Thank you!! Here is the problem: Between 1989 and 1997 the percentage of households with incomes of $100,000 or more (in 1997 dollars) is modeled by f(x) = .071x2 - .426x +


    Assume a binomial probability distribution with n= 40 and (pi symbol)Ï? = 0.55. Compute the following: (Round the value for standard deviation and intermediate calculations to 2 decimal places and your final answer to 4 decimal places.) (a) The mean and standard deviation of the random variable. ?=

    Computing Sample Mean, Standard Error, Chance and Probability

    In the Department of Education at UR University, student records suggest that the population of students spends an average of 5.10 hours per week playing organized sports. The population's standard deviation is 2.00 hours per week. Based on a sample of 64 students, Healthy Lifestyles Incorporated (HLI) would like to apply the ce


    Mattel Corporation produces a remote-controlled car that requires three AA batteries. The mean life of these batteries in this product is 35 hours. The distribution of the battery lives closely follows the normal probability distribution with a standard deviation of 5.6 hours. As a part of their testing program Sony tests sample

    Rational expressions; complex fractions

    Commuting students. At a well-known university, 1/4 of the undergraduate students commute, and 1/3 of the graduate students commute. One-tenth of the undergraduate students drive more than 40 miles daily, and 1/6 of the graduate students drive more than 40 miles daily. If there are twice as many undergraduate students as the

    Rational expression word problem

    Barn painting. Melanie can paint a certain barn by herself in x days. Her helper Melissa can paint the same barn by herself in 2x days. Write a rational expression for the fraction of the barn that they can complete in one day by working together. Evaluate the expression for x =5.

    Finding percentage of total assets

    What percentage of total assets was composed of current assets? Total Assets 2004 was $53,902 Total Current assets 2004 was $9369 Total Assets 2003 was $49,988 Total Current assets 2003 was $8314

    Convert values between Decimal, Binary, and Hexadecimal Numbers

    Demonstrate how to convert values between decimal, binary, and hexadecimal numbers. Problem: Using the following table, convert the defined value into the correct value for the corresponding number system: Line Decimal Binary Hexadecimal 1 2678 2 8FC 3

    Affect Walton's Current Ratio, Quick Ratio & Working Capital

    As of December 31, 2010, Walton Corporation had a current ratio of 1.84, quick ratio of 1.45, and working capital of $18,000. The company uses a perpetual inventory system and sells merchandise for more than it cost. Indicate how the given transaction, if it occurred in January 2011, would affect Walton's current ratio, quick ra

    Determine if I should buy insurance

    You live near a river that is prone to flooding, so you are considering purchasing flood insurance at $150 per year. You look at storm patterns over the past tenyears and estimate the yearly chance of minor flood damage (approximately $1000 damage) to be 0.01. The chance of moderate damage (approximately $5000 damage) is estimat


    (1.) An apple pie is removed from a 350 degree oven. The temperature of the pie t minutes after being reemoved is given by the function: T(t) = 72+268e -0.086t. Determine the time(in minutes) required for the pie to cool to a temperature of 115 degrees Fahrenheit. Answer accurate to two decimal points.. (2.) A ball is tosse

    Finance charge, Yearly rate of interest on a loan, Annual percentage rate

    Please show step by step solutions. 1. A copier that originally cost $300 was sold on the installment plan as $28 per month for 12 months. Find the installment price if no down payment was made. Find the finance charge. 2. Find the yearly rate of interest on a loan if the monthly rate is 2%. 3. Office equipment was p