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    Exercises in Basic Maths

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    Exercises help for homework 2, 4, 24, 34, 72,

    For the decimal 8.57032:

    2. What is the place value of 5?

    4. What is the place value of 2?

    34. Arrange in order from smallest to largest.

    2.05, 25, 2.0513, 2.059, 251, 2.0515, 2.052, 2.051
    10 100

    72. Lula wants to round 76.24491 to the nearest hundredth. She first rounds 76.24491 to 76.245 and then rounds 76.245 to 76.25 and claims that this is the final answer. What is wrong with this approach?

    Exercises 20, 36, 48, 58, 72

    20. 27.4 + 213.321 + 39.38 =

    36. 45.6
    -- 8.75 (subtraction)

    48. Add thirty-eight and nine tenths, five and fifty-eight hundredths, seven, and fifteen and eight tenths.

    58. Geometry. Find the perimeter of the figure given below.

    10.5ft 3.2ft

    5.8ft 7.4 ft

    72. Business and finance. Alem's restaurant bill is pictured below. Estimate his total by rounding to the nearest dollar.

    (Maggie kitchen)

    Liver $18.25
    Salad $ 8.75
    Martini $ 6.80
    Desert $7.40
    Coffee $1.70

    Exercises 32, 68, 70,

    32. Business and Finance. Claudia earns $6.40 per hour (h). For overtime (each hour over 40 h) she earns $9.60. If she works 48.5 h in a week, what pay should she receive?

    68. Business and Finance. To find the simple interest on a loan for 1 year at 12.5%, multiply the amount of the loan by 0.125. What simple interest will you pay on a loan of $1,458 at 12.5% for 1 year?

    70. Business and finance. In a bottling company, a machine can fill a 2-liter (L) bottle in 0.5 second (s) and move the next bottle into place in 0.1 (s). How many 2-L bottles can be filled by the machine in 2 hours?

    Exercises #'s 30, 38, 44,

    30. Crafts. A circular coffee table has a diameter of 5 ft. What will it cost to have the top finished if the company charges $3 per square foot for the refinishing?

    38. Construction. An A-frame cabin has a triangular front with a base of 30ft and a height of 20 ft. If the front is to be glass that costs $3 per square foot, what will the glass cost?

    44. The distance from Philadelphia to Sea Isle City is 100 mi. A car was driven this distance using tires with a radius of 14 in. How many revolutions of each tire occurred on the trip?

    Exercises 24, 52, 74

    24. 0.52 divided by 3.2318

    52. Solve the following application. Business and finance. Seven employees of an office donated a total of $172.06 during a charity drive. What was the average donation?

    74. Four brands of soap are available in a local store.

    Brand Ounces Total Price Unit Price
    Squeaky clean 5.5 $0.36
    Smell Fresh 7.5 0.41
    Feel nice 4.5 0.31
    Look Bright 6.5 0.44

    Compute the unit price and decide which brand is the best buy.

    Exercise #'s 20, 36

    20. Find the decimal equivalents for each of the following mixed numbers.

    7 3

    36. Statistics. The following table give the free throws attempted (FTA) and the free throws made (FTM) for the top five players in the NBA for a recent season. Calculate the free throw percentage for each player by writing the FTM over the FTA and converting this fraction to a decimal.

    Player FTM FTA
    Allan Houston 363 395
    Ray Allen 316 345
    Steve Nash 308 339
    Troy Hudson 208 231
    Reggie Miller 207 230

    Exercises Activity Terminate or Repeat

    Every fraction has a decimal equivalent that either terminate (for example, _ = 0.25) or repeats (for example, 2/9 = 0.2). Work with a group to discover which fractions have terminating decimals and which have repeating decimals. You may assume that the numerator of each fraction you consider is and focus your attention on the denominator. As you complete the table below, you will find that the key to this question lies with the prime factorization of the denominator.

    Fraction Decimal form Terminate? Prime Factorization of
    The denominator


    State a general rule describing which fractions have decimal forms that terminate and which have decimal forms that repeat.

    Now test your rule on at last three new fractions. That is, be able to predict whether a fraction such as 1/25 or 1/30 has a terminating decimal or a repeating decimal. Then confirm your prediction.

    Exercises # 28, 30, 34

    Write each of the following as a common fraction or mixed number. Write your answer in the lowest terms.

    28. 15.35

    30. Complete the following statement using the symbol greater or less symbols < >

    5 symbol 0.313

    34. Statistic. The following table gives the winning percentages of the top five coaches in NFL history. What fraction of his games has each coach won?

    Coach Percentage
    Don Shula 0.676
    George Halas 0.672
    Tom Landry 0.606
    Curly Lambeau 0.624
    Paul Brown 0.667

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