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What would be the difficulties associated with modeling this situation?

After contacting all of the professionals, you set up a "blog" (weblog) for you and them to share. You'll use this "blog" as the weeks go by to ask the group questions, raise issues for discussion and encourage networking among this diverse group. You decide to start your article with a math example that the readers can unde

Writing Equations from Word Problems

. After 2 minutes on a treadmill, Jenny has a heart rate of 82. After 3 minutes she has a heart rate of 86. Assume that there is a linear equation that gives her heart rate h in terms of time on the treadmill t. Find the equation and use it to predict her heart rate after 10 minutes on the treadmill.

Finding the Equation of a Line

Find the equation of each line in the form y = mx + b if possible. The line through the origin that is perpendicular to the line through (-3, 0) and (0, -3)

Find the equation of the line.

Find the equation of the line. Write your answer in slope - intercept form The line is parallel to -3x + 2y = 9 and contains the point (-2, 1)

Solving Differential Equations

Please help solve this seperable equation and a possible suggestion on how to look for factors to multiply by in order to make it exact. (x+y)dx - xdy = 0

What is the hottest temperature reached?

The temperature inside a kiln used to bake clay pottery is given by T(x) = -0.4x^2 + 32x + 73 degrees F where x is the number of minutes the kiln is on and 0 <= x <=80. (see equation in attached file)

Solving Equations

Find all real and imaginary solutions to the equation. 49x^2 + 9 = 42x

Identify conditional equations and inconsistent equation

1. 19 - 3n = -2n 2. 2(a-4) + 4 = 5(9-a) I need to solve the equation. Identify the equation as conditional equation, an inconsistent equation, or an identity 3. 1/2b - 1/2 = 1/4b Solve the equation 4. 0.6(x-50)=18-0.3(40-10x) THANK YOU for your much needed help.

Word Problems : Speed, Time and Distance

Debbie traveled by boat 5 miles upstream to fish in her favorite spot. Because of the 4 mph current, it took her 20 minutes longer to get there than to return. How fast will her boat go in still water?

The Stabilization Ratio (births/deaths) for South and Central America

The stabilization ratio (births/deaths) for South and Central America can be modeled by the formula y = -0.0012x^2 + 0.074x + 2.69 where y is the number of births divided by the number of deaths in the year 1950 + x a) use a graph to estimate the year in which the stabilization ratio was at its maximum. b) use the formula to

Parabola Word Problems : Minimizing Cost

A company uses the formula c(x) = 0.02x^2 - 3.4 + 150 to model the unit cost in dollars for producing x stabilizer bars. For what number of bars is the unit cost at its minimum? What is the unit cost at the level of production?

Word Problems : Finding the Period of a Pendulum

The period T( time in seconds for one complete cycle ) of a simple pendulum is related to the length L ( in feet) of the pendulum by the formula 8T^2= PI^2 L. If a child is on a swing with a 10 foot chain, then how long does it take to complete one cycle of the swing?

Word Problem: Distance

Anne is pulling on a 60 foot rope attached to the top of a 48 foot tree while Walter is cutting the tree at its base. How far from the base of the tree is Anne standing?

Write answer in a + bi

Perform the operation. Write answer in the form a + bi 6 + principle square root -18 --------------------------------- 3 NOTE: I'm unsure how to graph the symbol for principle square root. I hope this makes sense.

Word Problem

At a university, 1/4 of the undergraduate students commute, and 1/3 of the graduate students commute. One-tenth of the undergraduate students drive more than 40 miles daily, and 1/6 of the graduate students drive more than 40 miles daily. If there are twice as many undergraduate students as there are graduate students, then what

Word Problem

Henry sold 120 magazines subscriptions in x + 2 days. If he sold at the same rate for another week, then how many magazines did he sell in the extra week.

Word Problem

The annual cost in dollars for removing p% of the toxic chemicals from a town's water supply is given by the following formula: C(p) = 500,000/ 100 - P a. Use the formula to determine the cost for removing 99.5% of the toxic chemicals. b. What happens to the cost as the percentage of pollutants removed approaches 100%

Geometric Sequence Questions

Use the geometric sequence of numbers 1, 1/3, 1/9 , 1/27... to find the following: a) What is r, the ratio between 2 consecutive terms? b) Using the formula for the sum of the first n terms of a geometric series, what is the sum of the first 10 terms? Carry all calculations to 7 significant figures. c)Using the formula for

Need help with sequence of arithmetic and finite series.

(See attached file for full problem description) 1. Find the sum of the finite geometric series to three decimal places. 9 n Σ - 3(0.5) n=3 2. Write the first 5 terms of the specified sequence. Determine whether the sequence is arithmetic. If it is, find the common difference.

total area of the three fields

While finding the amount of seed needed to plant his three square wheat fields, Hank observed that the side of one field was 1 kilometer longer than the side of the smallest field and that the side of the largest field was 3 kilometers longer than the side of the smallest field. If the total area of the three fields is 38 square