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    High School Based Mathematics

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    Question 1: Write the word name for the number: 6,703,900,090.

    Question 2: Write this whole number in standard form: One hundred million, six thousand

    Question 3: Tammy wanted to determine the gas mileage she was getting on her car. She filled the gas tank on her car when the odometer read 49,420 miles. After 9 days the odometer read 49,717 miles and it took 11 gallons of gas to fill the tank. How many miles to the gallon did Tammy's car achieve?

    Question 4: Ashley owns 23 acres of land which she rents to a timber grower for $3821 per acre per year. Her property taxes are $822 per acre per year. How much profit does she make on the land each year?

    Question 5: Simplify: 122 x 83 + ( 9 - 8) x 4

    Question 6: Find the value of x: x / 7/8 = 3/5.

    Question 7: Find the LCD for the set of fractions:

    1/20, 1/12, 4/15

    Question 8: A recipe calls for 3/4 of a pound of sausage. How much sausage should be used if only 1/3 of the recipe is being made? Write the answer in simplest form.

    Question 9: To get credit for graduation, Brittany completed 20 hours of community service. She worked at a soup kitchen for 3/7 of the time. She picked up litter along highways for 1/4 of the time. The rest of the hours she spent tutoring younger children after school. How much time did Brittany spend tutoring?

    Question 10: A pair of planks needs adjustment. One plank is 57 inches and the other is 52 2/3 inches. Find how much the longer plank should be shortened to make both planks the same length.

    Question 11: Arrange in order from smallest to largest. 0.063, 0.036, 0.033, 0.066

    Question 12: Round the money amount to the specified place. $0.9973 to the nearest cent.

    Question 13: (See attachment.)

    Question 14: Francine earns $13.66 per hour at her job. She worked 16 hours last week. Calculate Francine's pay before taxes.

    Question 15: Kenan bought some deli meat to serve his friends who were coming over to his house after soccer practice. He got 2 3/16 pounds of turkey for $4.95 per pound and 1 15/16 pounds of roast beef for $6.95 per pound. How much did the deli meat cost him?

    Question 16: Find which is the better buy (lower cost per ounce) by finding each unit price rounded to three decimal places if necessary. Solve using a proportion. Round your answer to the nearest hundredth when necessary.

    $4.40 for 22 ounces
    $1.80 for 9 ounces

    Question 17: Solve the equation to find the value of n. 2 x n = 9

    Question 18: The negative for an image taken with a 35 mm camera is 3.6 cm wide x 2.4 cm high. If a print with a width of 13.68 cm is produced from a 35 mm negative, what will the size of the print be expressed as width x height? Solve using a proportion. Round your answer to the nearest hundredth when necessary.

    Question 19: It is recommended that there be at least 10.2 square feet of ground space in a garden for every newly planted shrub. A garden is 23.8' by 18'. Find the maximum number of shrubs the garden can accommodate.

    Question 20: Traveling in France, Anna exchanged 36 U.S. dollars for 255.6 francs. A few days later, she exchanged 47 U.S. dollars for francs and got the same exchange rate. How many francs did Anna receive? Round to the nearest tenth.

    Question 21: Georges can spend $ 34.80 for his dinner. He wants to tip the waiter 20% of the cost of his meal. How much money does he spend on the tip? Translate the question into an equation. Do not solve.

    Question 22: An equestrian rider practiced jumping over a water hazard. He and his horse touched the water 18 times. This is 3% of the total jump attempts. How many jumps did the rider attempt?

    Question 23: Carla took an English test with 80 problems. She got 48 of the problems wrong and 32 of the problems right. What percent of the test did she do correctly?

    Question 24: Ms. Clark was not able to sell her house for $ 110,000, so she lowered the price to $95,000. What was the percent decrease? Solve. Round to the nearest tenth if necessary.

    Question 25: $ 143,000 is borrowed to buy a house. If the simple interest rate on the 15-year loan is 13.25%, find the total amount paid on the loan.

    Question 26: Perform the conversion. Round to the nearest tenth when necessary. 89.6 ft/sec to mi/hr

    Question 27: David normally weighs 100 kg, but he lost 2400 grams after being sick. Find David's new weight.

    Question 28: Lu Na's car gets 37 miles to the gallon on the highway. How many kilometers per liter does she get on the highway? Round to the nearest hundredth.

    Question 29: A recipe from a French cookbook said to preheat the oven to 200 degrees C. Julius set his American oven to 397.4 degrees F. What was the discrepancy in degrees Fahrenheit between the two temperatures?

    Question 30: The total pages of a hardbound book are 3 cm thick. The front and back covers are each 1.4 mm thick. How high would a stack of 8 of these books be?

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