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Solving for the Equation of a line

Please address the following problem and include all of the required steps. Solve: Find the slope intercept form of the equation for the line parallel to y=4/3-1 that goes through points (6,-5).

Shapley-Shubik Distribution, Weighted Voting Systems and Combinations

1) Find the Shapley- Shubik distribution (in percent) for the system (7: 5,3,2,1,). 2) In a cafeteria every meal has a 5 choice main course, a 3 choice salad, and a 2 choice soup, and a 4 choice dessert . If some one ate a different complete meal every day, how many days could he eat before he would start to repeat a meal?


I am trying to determine the vertex and intercepts for this quadratic function, and whether it opens up or down. y + x squared - 4

Simplify the Equation

3X^2(X^2-4X+1)-2X(5X-6X^2) Simplify and please show all work to fully understand the question.

Voltage and charge capacity

If I have a capacitor with a capacitance of 0.000005 farads is wired in a circuit with a total resistance of 5000 ohms, how long must the capacitor be wired to a source voltage to reach 50% of its maximum charge? With q = Q [ 1 - e ( - t / RC ) ]. To help me understand this better, please show all work.

Quadratic problem

I am trying to solve an equation using the quadratic formula. v² + 8v + 6 = 0


The student-teacher ratio for Stratford High was reported to be 27.5 to 1. If there are 42 teachers, how many students are in the school?

One to one and onto mapping

Let G be the real numbers under addition G' the positive real numbers under multiplication. Show that the mapping... is one to one and onto. Please see attached for the full question.

How do you solve an equation?

In math class we have been assigned to answer the following question: How do you solve an equation? Please provide an example. I know how to solve an equation if it is given to me, but I do not know how to describe how to solve any equation. I hope you can help.

Quadratic Reciprocity Law

Prove, using the quadratic reciprocity law that (3/p) = 1 if p== 1 or 11 (mod 12) (3/p) = -1 if p==5 or 7 (mod12) for each odd prime p.

Standard Deviation and Mean : Appication Word Problem - Phony Data?

For any data set of n values with standard deviation s, every value must be within s √n - 1 of the mean. A statistics teacher reports that the test scores in her class of 17 students had a mean of 75.0 and a standard deviation of 5.0. Kelly, the class's self-proclaimed best student, claims that she received a grade of

Minimum Cost Problem

Minimum cost problem: It cost a company C dollars per hour to operate its base base division. an analyst had determined that C is related to the number of base balls produced per hour, x, by the eqauation C = 0.009x^2 - 1.8^2 + 100. What number of balls per hour should be produced to minimize the cost per hour of manufacturing

Displacement Equation

In science, we calculate the displacement of an object (how far it travels) and the velocity of an object (how fast it is moving) using the Displacement Equation and the Velocity Equation: {see attachment} Where is the displacement of the object, measured in meters t is the amount of time that we analyze the movement of t


I am trying to find the formulas for each of the following variables using the Schwarzschild Radius of the black hole Cygnus which is 6966.67 m (if I calculated correctly) a) the Universal Gravitational Constant for this black hole - b) the mass of the collapsed black hole - c) the speed of light for the black hole -

Quadratic equations - plots

1. Draw the graph of the equation and label its vertex: y = x^2-3 2. Draw the graph of the equation and label its vertex: y = -4x^2 + 8x + 13

Word Problem : Application of Sums of Odd and Even Numbers

As Jack finished a section of the novel he was reading, his wife posed a curious question: "Dear, suppose you took the page numbers of the section you just read and added them together. What would you get? Jack summed them rather hastily and said, "Well, I may have to double-check my arithmetic. It's either 412 or 512, I'm not

Word Problem : Medical Insurance Co-Payments

On the medical insurance policy (such as BCBS), the policy holder may need to make co-payments for percriptions drugs, office visits, and proceduares until total of all co-payments reaches a specific amount. Suppose on the Gattelaro's medical policy that the co-payment for the percription drug is 50% of the cost; the co-payment