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Motion Problem

Application Problem 2M (MOTION PROBLEM) Janet drove 120 miles at x miles per hour (m/hr) before 6:00 A.M. After 6:00 A.M., she increased her speed by 5 miles (m) per hour and drove 195 additional miles. Write an expression for: The time spent driving before 6:00 A.M. The time spent driving after 6:00 A.M. The total dri

Locus of point in a plane

Find the locus of all points that their distance from (3,0) is 3/5 of their distance to the line x=25/3. What shape do these points form and what are the intersection points with the axis?

Estimating with e

Which of the following expressions would help estimate Please see attachment

Equation of a Line

1. Tom planted a bamboo on June 1st that was eight feet tall. In June it grew at the rate of five inches per day. Find the equation of the line that shows how tall the bamboo was each day in June. 2. Find the equation of the line that passes through the points (4,-2) and (2,4). 3. Find the equation of the line that passes thr

To 103997-O.T.A

Can you please help me with these two word problem-examples? (Rental Charge) 1) The charge C for renting an air hammer from Taylor Rentals is a linear function of the number n of days in the rental period. The charge is $113 for two days and $209 for for five -days. Write C as a linear function of n. What would the ch


A number is composed of x and y and its sum is 9 if the order of x and Y is inverted the result is equal to the given number plus 9 more units - find the number


Please show me how to convert 2 equations: ab + cd + ef = 0 bg + dh + fj = 0 into 3 equations: b / (cj - eh) = d / (eg - aj) = f / (ah - cg)

Cryptography : Diffie Helman Key Exchange

Alice and Bob want to do a Diffie-Helman Key Exhange. The public base is 5 and the public modulus is 11. Suppose Alice chooses a = 2 and Bob Chooses b=3. What common key did they calculate? What does the security of the Diffie Helman Key exhange depend upon?

Congruency : Solve for a and b

Solve for a and b 4a + b = 1 (mod 5) a + b = 2 (mod 5) check answers for a and b by substituting into the original equations

Skolem Sequences

Please see the attached file for the fully formatted problem. A Skolem sequence of order n is a sequence (s1, s2,...,s2n) of 2n integers satisfying the conditions: i) for every k in {1,2,3...,n} there exist exactly two elements si and sj with si = sj = k and ii) if si = sj = k with i<j then j - i = k. Find all Skolem seq

Isolating variables

Given the formula below, make (i) h and (ii) a the subject of the formula A = 1/2*h*(a+b) Given the formula below, change the subject of the formula to P A = [P(1+r)^n-1]/r

Subject of equation

Rearrange the following expression such that b is on the left hand side of the equality: d = 1.3[(ab)^0.625)/(a+b)^0.25]

Word Problem

The level (Loudness) of sound is measured in decibels which is related to the intensity if sound (I) which is measured in watts per cm^2. One can convert from one measure to the other using the following formula d=10 log (I/10^-16) Due to the installation of acoustical tiles in an auditorium, the noise level was reduced from

Hydrolics problem. Trying to figure out how far a raft will sink in water

Given: raft consists of 4 sealed barrels laying on their sides with demensions of 21 in. diameter, 3 ft. in length, and weighing 30 lbs. each. The barrels are attached by a wooden deck weighing 179 lbs. find: how far does the raft sink below the waters surface with a specific weight of the water being 62.38 lb./cubic foot.

Simultaneous Equations

State whether the following system of equations is solvable or unsolvable. If it is solvable, find the solution. 3(y-1) = 2(x-3) 3> y-2x = -3

Word problem (airports)

1998 airports are each connected in both directions to exactly three other airports. Any airport can be reached from any other airport by a sequence of flights. It is decided to close down 200 of the airports, no two of which are connected by a single flight. Show that this can be done in such a way that any remaining airport ca

Word Problem

What o'clock is it when the time from noon is 9/11 of the time to midnight?

Math word problem

You went on a diet and lost 15% of your body weight. you currently weigh 167 lbs. what was your pre-diet weight (to the nearest tenth of a pound)?

Business word problems

A company sells three products, TV's, VCR's and Stereos. If the ratio of TV's, VCR's and stereo's sales is 3:4:2 and total sales are $9,360, what is the amount of sales in dollars for each of the TV, VCR, stereo? A keg holds 64 litres of beer. Suppose that 16 litres are replaced with water. Then an additional 16 litres

Variable meaning

I want help understanding the following statement. I need to be able to use this formula but I don't quite get it. What does the little n stand for? So suppose my universe is 15 usability problems and each subject gets 20% of them (the L) how do you use the little N in this equation to get the result? Here is the paragraph t

Sequence Proof

Please see the attached file for the full problem description. Given Sn and S&#8712; (0,&#8734;). If Sn &#8594;S, prove &#8707;&#945;>0, &#8707;&#925;&#8712;N s.t. &#8704;n &#8805; &#925;, an>&#945;.