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    Program Planning

    Mission and Vision of a Company

    Employees must believe in their company's mission and vision. Based on personal experience and expert knowledge, how would organizations be able to make this happen and best encourage employees to believe in their organization's values and promote these values in their work?

    Strategies of Healthcare

    In the event that a health care organization is not doing anymore what they should be doing, a should their strategy or goal alignment be changed? Why or why not?

    Six Sigma and Lean

    What is the difference between Six Sigma and LEAN? When is it appropriate to use each type of methodology?

    Awareness of Human Biases in Research

    Biases is one of the most difficult barriers to control for in any evaluation. Attitudes and suspicions arise from human biases that must be acknowledged and controlled for. These biases may be personal or group and the impact on them hinders effective sampling. What are some human biases that one needs to be aware of in one

    Research versus Program Evaluation

    Your chief executive officer (CEO) has asked you to research the potential revenue generated by the addition of bariatric surgery. What is the difference between research and program evaluation? How would you query the CEO to learn if a research project or a program evaluation would be more appropriate? Explain. Please include

    Validity Outcomes

    There is always the potential that the validity of outcomes to an evaluation design or sampling strategy may be challenged. Select an evaluation design or sampling strategy. What are the possible threats to its validity? How can the evaluator overcome them? Please include a reference so that I can expand on this topic. Than

    Performance Evaluation Information Requirements

    Questions that the evaluator may not have the appropriate information to respond to them, a lack of volume of information necessary to make determinations or lack of access to the information necessary for a determination to be made. If you are the evaluator in this type of situation, what would you consider as your options a

    Marketing Health Programs

    "Another thing is the advertisement. Some people would access the program but not aware the program exist". Obviously, to be successful your program must be known by potential users. What steps should the evaluator take to ensure the program presence is communicated? Whose responsibility is it to communicate the informatio

    Needs Assessment - Kimberly's Post

    Barriers to a needs assessment completion as pointed out in this statement. "Other obstacles, include the community's ignorance or denial of needs within the region. An example of this would be the number of uninsured patients in the country, yet many people believe that accessible and affordable health care coverage is not goo

    Barriers to Providing Effective Evaluations

    Sometimes instances evaluators need the will to overcome social /political pressures from interested parties who have preconceived ideas and would pressure the evaluator to reflect their opinions in the final report leading to misrepresentation of facts." 3 barriers 1) social | political pressures, 2) preconceived ideas, 3) p

    Needs Assessment

    A needs assessment that is effective will take up time, but should correlate to the complexity of the project and the difficulty of accessing what is necessary to perform the needs assessment. What would you expect to be the factors to consider and access to overcome the time factor drag on time? Whom might you involve?

    Evaluation Time of Data Management

    Normally, evaluators take so long to complete data management. Resulting from this problem comes the complaint many organization leaders have, the length of time it takes for completion of the data management process to begin to determine next steps. As pointed out, double work must occur due to the change in the data plan by t

    Determining Important Evaluation Questions

    In which phase of program evaluation do you select evaluation questions? How do you determine which questions are most important to an evaluation? How would you select evaluation questions when there are disagreements about which questions would demonstrate program effectiveness? Please include a reference so that I can expand

    Barriers to an Effective Needs Assessment

    Essential to a program evaluation is the completion of a comprehensive needs assessment. Discuss potential barriers to an effective needs assessment and detail possible solutions to overcome these barriers. Please include a reference so that I can expand on your assistance. Thank you

    Evaluation Process Implementation

    What have you seen as a result of a lack of planning for the evaluation process to start at the beginning and what was the outcome for the program or project, and what was the outcome for the organization? How could this have resulted in different findings?

    Entrepreneurial Process

    I am creating a PowerPoint presentation and would like some guidance on the information below. For each of following please provide me with: 1) Steps taken to determine which financing options to pursue 2) The advantages and disadvantages of each Corporate Venture Capital Private Venture Capital Angel Financing Debt F

    Electronic Health Record

    I need help summarizing the following 2 articles and discussing reactions and opposing viewpoints on the issues.

    Organizational and Financial Feasibility

    What is the difference between organizational and financial feasibility of a venture? What is the importance of these two types of feasibility? Which type of analysis do you think is most important to the success of an entrepreneurial venture? Please include a reference so that I can expand on this topic. Thank you

    Five-Forces Analysis Example

    Imagine that you were to perform a five-forces analysis of a local medium-sized physician group practice. 1. Provide a brief summary of Michael Porter's five forces model. 2. Discuss the value of using this model in the strategic planning process. 3. What would a five force analysis on one's chosen physic