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Example of a Five Forces Analysis

Imagine that you were to perform a five-forces analysis of a local medium-sized physician group practice.

1. Provide a brief summary of Michael Porter's five forces model.

2. Discuss the value of using this model in the strategic planning process.

3. What would a five force analysis on one's chosen physician group practice look like?

4. What would the findings from one's analysis look like?

5. Identify and describe the strategic planning implications.

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Porter's five forces model, is essentially a model by which organizational leadership can conduct an analysis of their particular industry, as well as to determine the level of competition within a given market or industry, which will provide them with the pertinent information from which to develop a highly effective business operations strategy. This five forces model is composed of the threat of new competitive products entering a given market, the threats stemming from competitive organizations, the threats caused by products that can be used in place of ...