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Barriers to a needs assessment completion as pointed out in this statement. "Other obstacles, include the community's ignorance or denial of needs within the region. An example of this would be the number of uninsured patients in the country, yet many people believe that accessible and affordable health care coverage is not good for the country."

Within health care this is a barrier that is difficult to overcome. What are suggestions that might help the needs assessment be acceptable to the various sectors of the community and why would it work?

Posavac, E., & Carey, R. (2007). Program evaluation: Methods and case studies. (7th ed.).Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson/Prentice Hall.

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The topic of having health insurance poses barriers to many Americans. One obstacle is that many poor Americans cannot afford the high cost of health insurance. Another obstacle is that many American are complaining that they do not have the time to schedule a visit to their doctors, and they are in denial of their medical needs. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) promised to make health insurance affordable for Americans with low and moderate incomes. The act requires that all Americans must have health insurance. Although the new law helps people get heath insurance, it still did not provide enough financial help for all. ...

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Affordable health insurance is a mandatory needs for every Americans living in the US. Although, it is afforadable to most Americans, there are still barriers to overcome because some unfortunate Americans are still too poor to afford it. Affordable health insurance should be made more affordable so that all Americans can be covered.

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