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    Social Networking Tools in Higher Education

    Can someone help me discuss some pros and cons for the use of social networking tools in higher education? What are two possible instructional design considerations that an online instructor should keep in mind for incorporating social networking tools into an online classroom?

    Online Course: Learner Analysis

    Please help with the following problem: Can someone help me by describing one strength and one limitation of using a Class Café during an online course to conduct a learner analysis, and at least one type of learner analysis that could be conducted to understand an online student population?

    Characteristics of Online Courses

    List the 3 characteristics of a blended course. What kinds of implications and considerations for this type of course be deliberated on for creating online instructions? What are some pros and cons of a blended course as a delivery of instruction?

    Blended Course Design and Online Instruction

    Please describe the three key characteristics of a blended course. Discuss the implications and considerations of this type of course for designing online instruction. Additionally, discuss a strength and a limitation presented by this type of course for the delivery of instruction.

    Summarizing an Article in Media Education

    I need help with these two articles. I need short summary of main information of each study in one paragraph about 200 words. Include the following: purpose of the study, participants, method, result. Use the following articles: Korat, O., & Shamir, A. (2008). The educational electronic book as a tool for supporting chil

    Technology and Curriculum

    Discuss the need to coordinate technology service departments and curriculum departments for the integration of technology and curriculum, how that might be accomplished, and challenges that might be faced.

    How standards for technology improve facilitation in the digital age.

    Describe how standards for technology improve facilitation in the digital age. •Explain why standards meant for K-12 are transferable to adult learners and how using the standards help to transform educational technology. •Describe how these standards promote communication and collaboration. •Elaborate how the ISTE s

    I need help with this assignment. Please assist with references

    Beau Street Runners, Ltd (BSR) is a courier service with headquarter on Beau Street in a first-tier suburb of a megalopolis severing four co-joined big cities with many different ethic communities and massive transportation grids. BSR provides cabs, bicycles, vans and armored trucks for moving important packages between business

    Effectiveness of e-services offered by Georgia State Boards of Education

    Discuss external factors such as security issues, confidentiality, and privacy. Web access would be another external factor. Evaluate how computer availability may be an applicable issue and what if the intended audience does not have computer knowledge or access to computers? Anonymous (2010). The persisting racial d

    Socratic Method Websites

    Locate several websites that describe the Socratic method and how it is used in classrooms. Determine which methods discussed promote self-directed learning. Describe how they promote independent learners.

    Literature Review of an Information System

    Conduct an initial literature review of the factors that make an information system effective and ineffective. Critically analyze information to determine the components of a typical information system, discussing these issues and related to e-services that state Boards of Education for Georgia offer access to on their websit

    Technology to Teach

    Why is it important to understand and incorporate technology as a teacher in the 21st century?

    Telecom, Internet, and E-commerce (s)

    Look into the impact mobile technologies are having on e-commerce as well as the collaboration tools that can be delivered through TelePresence systems. The concept of mobile e-commerce arose in the 1990's as the technology moved from informational Internet to a medium to communicate between buyers and sellers. Through the u

    Telecom, Internet, Broadband

    The main readings for the case are focused on Gallaugher's Chapter 12, A Managers Guide to the Internet and Telecommunications. Chapter 12 describes the various technologies that make up the Internet infrastructure in order to find the information that one looks for and require to access. For the information to travel fast, the

    Data Resource Management(s)

    REI To provide some background to the video case, REI (Recreational Equipment Inc.) is an American consumers' cooperative, selling outdoor recreation gear and sporting goods. REI sells to its members through an E-commerce site, hardcopy catalogs, and through 90 brick and mortar stores located in 27 states. REI is the large

    Data Resource Management(c)

    Maruti Suzuki According to Oracle (2009), "for the past 25 years, Maruti Suzuki has been the industry leader in India's passenger car market, the fastest growing in world. Since 1995, Maruti Suzuki has built its IT infrastructure on Oracle database and technologies including Oracle Real Application Clusters, Oracle Fusion Mi

    Computer Software and Systems (s)

    Describe the major phases of the SDLC. Explain why it is important to understand the concept of SDLC in the IT profession. Complete the cost benefit analysis in a Word table. Accompanying explanation must be written in 2-3 pages with 2 outside sources. Tomar, N. (2011, April 28). The systems development life cycle: Part

    Hardware Comparison for Small Business

    Prepare a comparison report with three hardware vendors to determine which option is more economical. Your task is to obtain pricing information for purchasing 10 desktops for a brand new unit in your division. You will get prices for these units from at least three reputable PC suppliers on the Internet. The specification

    Computer Software & Systems Development (c)

    Evaluate a software package that you are either familiar at work or for personal use. Briefly describe the advantages and disadvantages of the software. How would this software help you in a present or future job situation? What recommendations would you provide to improve the software you have used? Expectations: (3-4pgs)

    Benefits and Disadvantages of Personal Computers

    What has been the impact of faster and cheaper computers for personal and company use? What technological advances and benefits are driving the expansion in the use of personal computers? What are the limitations of faster and cheaper computers? Expected to: (3-4 pages ) APA format •Begin this paper by stating your positi

    Information Technology and the Modern Enterprise(s)

    Which organizations do you most admire today? How do these companies use information systems? Do you think technology gives them an advantage over rivals? Why or why not? Required Readings Gallaugher, J. (2012). Information Systems: A Harnessing Guide to Information Technology. FlatWorld Knowledge. E-textbook Chapter 1.

    Information Technology and the Modern Enterprise (c)

    How can an IT system initially help a company advance, but later become a requirement for that business to stay competitive? 3-4pgs, stating your position on these questions clearly and concisely Cite appropriate sources and questions directly. Be sure to make the most effective case you can. Then present the best evidence

    Usefulness of Educational Websites

    Discuss, in short paragraphs, how each portal can be helpful to you. Each should be at least three full sentences. Here are the Educational Portals to review: http://www.educationworld.com http://teacher.scholastic.com http://www.nyiteez.org/MarcoPoloNY/ Thank you.