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    Hardware Comparison for Small Business

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    Prepare a comparison report with three hardware vendors to determine which option is more economical. Your task is to obtain pricing information for purchasing 10 desktops for a brand new unit in your division. You will get prices for these units from at least three reputable PC suppliers on the Internet.

    The specifications for the basic desktop configuration are listed below. You need to investigate the basic unit price for each and recommend an upgrade for each feature calculating the new price. Your division will also need to install MS Office software and gmail accounts for email. This is in addition to free software such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Adobe Reader. Prepare the cost table identifying the three vendor options and providing the unit cost from each supplier. Use the following table to evaluate hardware options. Write an additional 1-page report explaining your choice and decision justification for the selection.

    Desktop and Printer Specifications

    Each desktop system must satisfy the minimum specifications shown in the following table. MS office will require individual licenses.


    Processor speed 3 GHz

    Hard drive 500 GB

    RAM 4 GB

    DVD-ROM drive DVD-RW

    Monitor (diagonal measurement) 18 inches

    Each desktop printer must satisfy the minimum specifications shown in the following.


    Print speed (black and white) 20 pages per minute

    Print resolution 600 × 600

    Network ready? Yes

    Maximum price/unit $700

    Hardware List Vendor 1/Unit Cost Vendor 2/Unit Cost Vendor3/Unit Cost
    MS OS
    MS Office Suite

    Total cost

    Complete the decision analysis in a Word table. The accompanying explanation must be written in 2-3pages. Include at least two outside references.

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    The table compares three work station hardware packages for a small business situation. The packages are compared on price, suitability, and other considerations of the individual business.