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    Benefits and Disadvantages of Personal Computers

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    What has been the impact of faster and cheaper computers for personal and company use? What technological advances and benefits are driving the expansion in the use of personal computers? What are the limitations of faster and cheaper computers?

    Expected to:
    (3-4 pages ) APA format
    •Begin this paper by stating your position on these questions clearly and concisely
    •Cite appropriate sources and answer questions directly. Be sure to make the most effective case you can. Then present the best evidence you can, again citing three appropriate outside sources.

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    Faster and cheaper computers for personal use have provided many enhancements in the workplace and the home. The ease of use and availability of personal computers has also brought about many challenges. Computers are used in many workplaces, including those in the service, manufacturing, warehouse/inventory management, education, financial and healthcare industries. Computers today make it easier to manage finances, compare and purchase goods for the home or office, and connect with friends or business partners. New technologies such as mobile networks, social networking, and mobile applications make it easier to connect away from the home or office, while traveling or otherwise on the move.

    Technologies and applications for personal computers do come with challenges. Personal challenges such as decreased physical activity and inexperience with use can affect personal health and productivity in the workplace. Those with less experience may not initially be as productive as their counterparts with more experience and greater comfort or skill level in computer use. This may become a source of frustration for the employee, when the employer and co-workers expect greater or faster results. It may jeopardize one's job or become the source of tension between workers. The physical environment, rules, regulations, and expectations all contribute to workplace stress (Lazar, et al., 2004), unless the individual has developed an alternative coping method, other than anger or frustration.

    Personal computer use at home can make it easier to connect with social circles. However, some individuals with a tendency to withdraw may become more withdrawn, as computer use increases. While research does not show a cause and effect relationship between increased computer use and greater isolation, the use of computers for seeking acceptance and approval can be detrimental to personal, emotional development (Blose, et al., nd) in youth and young adults. The health problems associated with decreased physical activity can lead to several health issues, such as obesity, Diabetes, and heart disease. Social networking can be used to connect to friends and family, and in many instances, is used to plan social gatherings. Personal computer use can connect those who tend to be more socially ...

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    The discussion of advantages and disadvantages of personal computer use includes both the corporate and individual aspects of computer use. The ability to reduce costs in the workplace, to become more environmentally friendly, and to maintain employment when facing health or family issues are some advantages. Lack of understanding and skill in computer use, changes or updates in computer applications, and cost of software may hinder the desired goals.