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Latin America Colombian Exchange

I need some help and direction on this one: 1. What was the Colombian Exchange? Discuss with regard to a) disease, pest, and the demographic and b) the geography of crops and domesticated animals. Thanks so much.

Poverty: Canada & United States

What factors influence rural and urban poverty in the United States and Canada today? Thanks a lot for the insight. I really need some direction and help on this one.

Interpretation of Friedman's The Lexus and the Olive Tree

Start by identifying the author's central thesis and then attempt to outline the key points of the author's main argument. Roughly ¾ of your essay should focus on summarizing the content of the book, whereas ¼ of it should be designated for presenting your own analysis and criticism. Your analysis and criticism may either ad

19th Century Colonial Period: Map and Institutions

1. Take a look at this map attached below. Identify each of the 26 countries that are labeled with numbers. 2. Discuss the series of institutions that the colonial period and its Iberian heritage, having ended in the early decades of the 19th Century, established that are still in place today. Why do you think this is? (Se


Los Angeles and Littlerock, AK are approximately at the same latitude. Given this latitudinal similarity, discuss/explain the distinct temperature differences that occur in these two locations during their respective summer and the winter seasons.

How are weather and climate examples of a system?

Background: The physical environment of the Earth is a complex myriad of seemingly discrete variables, e.g. mountains, river valleys, hawks, polar bears, glacial ice, wind, saline ocean water, and on and on and on ... None of the these "separate" environmental entities exists beyond the physical influence of the others. Th