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the idea of the Roman Empire as 'a geographical unit'.

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Our study group is discussing the issue of whether the area that the Roman Empire came to control made sense as a geographical unit? As a result, this job assesses this possibility.

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This is a very interesting topic for discussion and debate and I'm delighted you and your colleagues don't agree. Besides answering the specifics of the question, you have to consider your individual theoretical approaches to the idea of the Roman Empire as 'a geographical unit'.

Some of you will be looking at the topic from the perspective of spatial relationships, the core and periphery approach or from a global identities perspective. All these are perfectly valid providing you can support your arguments with examples and illustrations from the Roman Era.

Now to the detail of the question.

First you must provide a definition for 'making sense as a geographical unit'. Was the Roman Empire an early example of the modern European State? It might be useful to take the unifying characteristics of the European Union and see how they compare with those of the Roman Empire. On the one hand they both have/had a common currency but the ...

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This job presents the idea of the Roman Empire as 'a geographical unit'.

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