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    We work hard to make sure that BrainMass is a great place to come for academic help and we're happy that's the case, but don't take our word for it. Below are a collection of some of the incredibly nice things that our customers have said about the service that BrainMass provides:


    I am really bad at math which meant I never imagined I would be pass my accounting class. However, Brainmass helped me solve all the questions I didn't understand and I ended up getting an A! Thanks Brainmass!

    I was working on my assignment for nearly 2 hours and I was just about ready to give in. Then, I saw a link to BrainMass. Within 20 minutes, my assignment was done.

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    I was able to use the references provided to research and gain a further understanding on the subject matter. The assistance provided was well worded, clear, and very insightful.

    Thank you. The help and examples gave me a better understanding of B2B and B2C business and how companies utilize e-business strategy.

    This was the only place on the web that spelled out how to calculate the price of a stock with a non constant growth rate... Really appreciate that!

    This site has helped me as a non traditional older full-time student get answers. It's allowed me to continue to be on the Dean's List.

    I had a paper due & the topic was so distorted that I couldn't even find the proper info in the class text! So freaking out, I just threw a few keywords from the topic into Google & up pops Brain Mass. I was so excited to find this site that I had never seen before; it was as if it was meant to be! I found other questions that included similar info I needed & even found that the OTAs were more helpful than my professor at the time.

    BrainMass was a great resource for my FI515 (Financial Management Course-MBA) class. I can remember having to complete a very involved problem where I had to find the WACC. BrainMass was the perfect resource in helping me understand how to "completely" work through all the steps to find the solution. Thank you BrainMass!

    I was struggling with cash receipts in a class and the book was terrible at explaining it. The examples were awful and my teacher was nice but too vague. The BrainMass solution I purchased was broken down in such a way that made it seem simple. Thank you!