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    The BrainMass Plagiarism & Ethics Policy

    Plagiarism is the theft of academic works, ideas and concepts created by others and falsely representing them as being of one's own creation. What is alarming is that it is a serious (and common) problem in today's educational environment, and studies have shown that many students admit to this kind of cheating. One way to effectively combat plagiarism is by establishing and enforcing an Academic Honor Code.

    Online learning has the potential to be problematic as a result of un-checked plagiarism, and BrainMass takes every precaution possible to stop plagiarism in its tracks and to provide our students with the very best original academic assistance. Our Academic Honor Code is based on the following commitments:

    • To handle cases of plagiarism as serious academic offenses.
    • To make every effort to be vigilant against non-ethical academic practices.
    • To maintain a commitment to teaching and practising academic integrity.
    • To fully co-operate with any University, College or school that approaches us with any concerns relating to help provided on our site.

    BrainMass is a self-aware, dynamic community of ethical and qualified Academic Experts who believe in the common objective of assisting students through the sharing of quality information. Besides possessing specialized scholarly expertise, our Experts are equipped with a strong awareness of the issues surrounding the process of sharing this knowledge. Therefore they make a collective conscious effort to prevent the incidence of unethical learning and to nurture a positive educational experience for all of our students.

    If you wish to use material you've obtained from BrainMass.com, we have a guide on how to cite material from BrainMass.

    If you have any questions regarding our approach to plagiarism, please don't hesitate to Contact Us.