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    Cultural Differences at BrainMass

    The BrainMass community is a microcosm of the greater society we live in. Therefore, one can expect that both the student and Academic Experts will be drawn from different and diverse cultures, classes and creeds.

    BrainMass respects the diverse backgrounds of its community members. We are presented with an unprecedented opportunity for tapping into the diversity of students and teachers, as well as a challenge to overcome some of the barriers we face working across and between languages and cultures. We aim to manage the learning process of our students in a constructive way and to deliver innovative services in a cost-effective and accessible manner.

    As part of our commitment to respecting the diverse backgrounds of the students that visit and use the services of BrainMass.com, we encourage our Experts to observe an 'international' communication style for the student by using:

    • Short sentences.
    • Active modes of verbs and sentences.
    • Explicitly defined vocabulary.
    • Regular use of questions.

    Because people from all over the world use BrainMass.com, we try to ensure all of our Experts make their explanations as simple as possible. This involves:

    • Using uncomplicated language and clear explanations.
    • Writing clearly and avoiding slang or idioms.
    • Summarizing the question asked.
    • Clarifying and confirming that the explanation has helped.
    • Checking for understanding and avoiding 'Yes/No' questions.

    Adapted from Myers and Filner (1999) 'Mediation Across Cultures' available online at http://www.amedpub.com/worklife2k/divconflict.html