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    Expert Accountability - How BrainMass Helps

    How BrainMass Provides Help - Our Accountability Policy

    BrainMass has taken the academic high road in providing an environment for students to access assistance with their studies. While our system is not intended to replace the many services already provided by professors and teaching assistants, it is intended to supplement the learning process by offering more timely and direct access to graduate-level assistance from the comfort and convenience of a student’s keyboard and screen.

    We hold all of our Experts accountable to a very high standard. It is our intention that an Expert who helps you through our Custom, Solution Library and eBook services provides you with:

    • A step-by-step explanation.
    • A full and complete answer.
    • Complex concepts conveyed simply.
    • Help at any time.
    • A low cost for the help provided.
    • Excellent customer support should you experience any issues.

    With an average of just 4 or 5 office hours each week, the traditional on-campus or in-class teaching assistant is simply not available when panic time comes for students. Instead of experiencing hopeless frustration at 2:00 am the night before a final exam, students can grasp seemingly impossible concepts with our pool of Academic Experts and our Library at their fingertips.

    Whether studying for a mid-term with sample problems or having difficulty with assignments to be submitted, it is the access to higher-level knowledge at a key moment that ultimately decides how well a student is able to understand complex concepts.

    Please Contact Us if you have any questions about the services we provide or how we hold our Experts accountable to a high academic standard.