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    Academic Expert Etiquette Requirements

    In any environment in which people communicate, conflict can arise. While we understand that every Academic Expert has an individual and distinct style of providing academic assistance, friction can arise due to student's dissatisfaction with the solution or the way it is presented.

    In addition, inappropriate participation can also be very problematic. This can occur on both the student side and Expert side of the communication, and BrainMass takes every step possible toward minimizing these types of issues and encouraging a positive environment. One part of that is encouraging both students and Experts to follow etiquette guidelines.

    Etiquette Expectations of a Student

    Students using BrainMass.com have the opportunity to interact with hundreds of different people who are all eager and able to help them with their academic needs.

    Although Students are the  customers  in this sense, we do have a certain expectation of them, in order to ensure that their academic requirements are taken care of promptly and constructively:

    • A student will not request an Expert to complete or finish an assignment for them.
    • A student will use respectful language when communicating with an Expert.
    • A student will use a fair credit bid that reflects the amount of help they require.
    • A student will use appropriate channels to communicate with BrainMass should the help they require not meet their expectations.
    • A student will create realistic deadlines for the help they require.

    Expectations of an Expert

    BrainMass Experts are the primary way in which students interact with BrainMass, and they are largely responsible for the experience that any individual student will have. Because of that, we encourage our Experts to act as professionally as possible when communicating with students:

    • An Expert will be patient, understanding and as helpful as possible when faced with questions.
    • An Expert will provide context to assist a student in understanding the concept.
    • An Expert will provide a full and complete answer as soon as they are able.
    • An Expert will respond to student communication promptly and with respect.
    • An Expert will uphold the name of BrainMass and at all times will act in a manner that builds on our reputation.

    When both sets of constituents follow these etiquette guidelines, the result is a positive learning experience for the student and a positive teaching experience for the Expert.