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    Turn Your Academic Expertise into Cash! - Become an Expert

    You're already an expert in your field. Why not turn that expertise into cash? BrainMass allows you to publish your existing knowledge in eBooks, turn your teaching experience into video form and put those tutoring skills to great use. We'll help you to monetize the knowledge you already possess by marketing your work to our base of student customers who need help!

    BrainMass provides a platform for Academic Experts to author content, earn money, create and share knowledge, get published, build their names and get involved in a world-wide community.

    What You'll Be Creating - How You'll Be Helping!

    As a BrainMass Academic Expert, you'll be creating the following types of content to help our student customers:

    The Custom Help Service

    If students can't find help through our Solution and eBook Libraries or using their own resources, they can ask you directly, explaining the problem in their own words. You'll receive direct compensation for the help you provide, based on how complex the problem is. Further, if your response is approved by our editors it will be included in our Solution Library for subsequent resale that can earn you additional ongoing income per download.

    Academic eBooks

    Our "Need to Know" eBooks help students to understand the key concepts within the topics they're studying. As the author, you'll be following our template and explaining the subject you're strong with, and get paid for every download.


    Applicants may register as Academic Experts if they are currently working on, or have obtained, a graduate-level (Masters or PhD) degree from an accredited university.

    We accept Academic Experts from all university departments of study. We do, however, reserve the right to reject applicants in subject areas that already have enough members to serve our current demand. In these cases, we will hold on to the applicant's registration form and contact them when we are able to accept new members.

    The following is expected of an Academic Expert:

    • Adherence to the guidelines for responding to custom help & authoring content
    • Prompt response to emails and commitment to the creation of solutions/reviews/content
    • Custom help responses & content that are accurate to the best of the Academic Expert's knowledge
    • Custom help responses that are written in a step-by-step manner in order to aid the student in learning the concepts at hand
    • Restraint from the use of any foul language, prejudiced remarks, or the passing of personal contact information (phone numbers, email addresses, etc.) through the BrainMass system
    • Submissions to our library, in the form of academic content to help us increase the amount of material available to students
    • Professionalism when using the BrainMass name

    The process of becoming an Academic Expert is outlined below:

    • First, you'll fill out a registration form.
    • Then, you'll watch some training videos and participate in a quiz to ensure you understand the requirements that BrainMass has of its Academic Experts. You can take this quiz as many times as you need to.
    • Afterwards, you'll be required to send in credentials as proof of your educational background.
    • Once approved, you'll be put in touch with our publications manager, who'll introduce you to the process of generating content for BrainMass.
    • You must read over our reference manual as well. It's full of helpful tips that will ensure you're maximizing your potential as an Academic Expert.

    The reference manual provided within the account of each Academic Expert will answer a lot of your questions. We also send update newsletters periodically. You'll also be able to email our admin team with any concerns, questions or updates. Our approach is that we're here to talk with you, help you, and allow you to make the most of this opportunity.

    We cater to students around the globe, accepting credit card and PayPal payments. A standard fee of $4.99 is paid for every custom help credit; it will cost from 1 to 25 credits to purchase a Custom Help response, depending on the level of difficulty and urgency of the response.

    The prepared solution is then added to the Library. Each time a solution is downloaded, the Academic Expert responsible for the solution will be eligible to earn 25% of the revenue that BrainMass receives. The idea of investing one's time and energy into a Library that creates "royalty-like" revenue is one of the most attractive aspects of the system for many graduate students.

    All specifically authored content (in the form of eBooks & Video Lectures) is also added to our Library, and cross-marketing with existing solutions and complementary content.

    Our Academic Expert pay rate works on a sliding scale, as follows: new Academic Experts are paid 60% of the Credit value received by BrainMass for their first 10 responses. After 10 responses have been submitted, Academic Experts are paid 70% of the Credit value. The remaining funds are retained by BrainMass to cover its hosting and administrative costs.

    As an Academic Expert, you stand to receive 25% of the revenue generated for this content, which is marketed to the traffic that BrainMass receives each day.

    Registered Academic Experts have personal accounts (complete with an ID number and password login) on our system. The Financial page of every account tracks the monthly, annual and career earnings of our Academic Experts. Monthly earnings of $75 CAD or more are paid on the 15th day of the following month via PayPal or cheque. Monthly balances of less than $75 CAD are rolled over and continue to accumulate until the $75 CAD minimum is reached.

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