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    C++ Program

    Create a class called CollegeCourse with Functions: 1. Average()- a function template that will accept two arguments(HonorPoints of the same data type) and computes the average of two HonorPoints a. The HonorPoints = grade points (4 for an A, 3 for a B, 2 for a C, and 1 for a D) multiplied with the credits 2. Averag

    A C++ Program that Shows How to Read Files

    See the attached file. Assist with writing ideas a program that uses the attached data file as input and does simple data encryption. Replace each letter of the alphabet with the next letter. For example, a will be replace by b and b will be replaced by c. The letter z will be replaced by a. Numbers, spaces, punctuation and sp

    C++ program (using bloodshed dev-pascal)

    Im having trouble writing a program that does the following. the program should sum up inventory counts and report the total. the inventory is represented by a three digit inventory and a count of the items. in the data is a problem, their are two different inventories that have been mixed up in the list (on purpose). the inven

    C++ Sequential file Calculator

    See attached. I already completed the sequential file (mortgage_14.cpp) and the addtional files attached. I lost my way somehow. the assignment: Further modify your program so it allows the user to select which way they want to calculate a mortgage. 1- by input of the amount of the mortgage, the term of the mortgage,

    Bank Account Classes in C++

    I need a C++ class created. Create a Bank Account class that will allow you to deposit, withdraw and check your balance as well as sign up for non-fee no interest bearing savings account as well as a fee-based account that accrues interest on a daily basis for savings accounts. (Assume that each month has exactly 30 days to

    Program in C++

    Develop a C++ program to solve the problem described below: The cashier's office needs a C++ program that they can use to keep track of a cashier's daily financial transactions. The user (cashier) will load the program just before he/she opens for operation each day and continues to use the program until he/she is done for

    C++ array program

    I have a program i'm having to write for a c++ class. it is dealing with arrays and while loops. we also have to get data from a file, and write it to another. my problem is i can't get it to read the data from the file. here's what the program should be able to do with the data. 1) print out all data in the array with no

    C++ Mortgage Calculator with sequential file

    Attached is a copy of my program. I rewrote my code. Now I am receiving syntax errors. Not working properly. The Object Oriented Program allows the user to select which way they want to calculate a mortgage: (1) by input of the amount of the mortgage, the term of the mortgage, and the interest rate of the mortgage payment or

    C++ Program

    Please help with the following problem. Write a class called Dog which keeps track of the dog's name, breed, age, and license fee. The license fee will be a set amount: $12.25, since you only need one copy of this in memory, make it static. Include a method which prompts a user to set the dog's name, breed and age at the com

    C++ Mortgage Calculator input and w/ menu option

    I created a mortgage calculator for user to input requested amount and menu. Somehow, I think that I have it half right... I think I have lost my way somehow..See Attached files. The assignment is as follows: Modify your program so that the user will input the amount of a mortgage after selecting from a menu of mortgage l

    C++ Program

    Write a program that prompts the user to input a string. The output will be the total number of characters in the string, the total number of consonants in the string, and the total number of vowels in the string. Be sure to prompt for input and to label your output. The code needs to handle the string as a character array (C-st

    C++ program that converts roman numeral to regular number

    I need help creating a c++ program that converts roman numerals to regular numbers. it needs to be simple and done using just if statements. I'm having trouble figuring out how to get the roman numerals to do this. im new to c++. thanks

    A C++ program showing an array of structs.

    I have to write an array of structs. The Program will display a menu allowing the user to: Add data to a struct Print the data of one struct List the data of all structs Quit the menu. I have to define a struct that contains the following information: offered price Name of the fruit Expiration Date Name of Compan

    C++ Programming Problem

    I need help on a c++ programming problem. I need to create a program that prints out 6 permutations of the ordering of the following sentences. I saw the big brown bear. The big brown bear saw me. Oh! what a frightning experience!

    Software language

    2. What are the major differences between the Java programming language and the language discussed in question 1. Don't let this questions get out of hand, the main point of this questions is to discuss programming languages. SQL, HTML OR XML does not qualify as a programming language for this question.

    C++ complex numbers

    Design class Complex for working with complex numbers of the form a + bi, where i is the square root of -1. Your class must have two overloaded operators for adding and subtracting the complex numbers. The sum and the difference of two complex numbers a + bi and c + di is defined as (a+c) + (b+d)i (respectively, (a-c) + (b-d)i).

    C++ for loop and nesting

    Whate is the output of the code corresponding to the following pseudocode? Set a = 0 For i = 0 Step 1 to 2 For j = 0 Step 1 to 2 Set b = a + j; End For (j) End For (i) Output b

    C++ - points in a two-dimensional plain

    Assume you are participating in a big project that deals with points in a two-dimensional plain. You are given the following structure definitions for points and segments that you should use and not modify: struct point2D { int x; int y; }; struct segment2D { point2D p1; point2D p2; }; A point, therefore,

    Create an application that finds all 4 digit numbers

    Create an application that finds all 4 digit numbers (those would be the numbers in the range 1000-9999) whose value is equal to the sum of each digit raised to the fourth power. MEANINGFUL output should be sent to the screen. For example, if 1^4 + 2^4 + 3^4 + 4^4 = 1234, then your program would print 1234 as one of the solu

    C++ template

    Write a template for a function called sum. The function should compute and return the sum of values passed in an array. Another argument send into the function should be the array length. Test the template in a simple driver program that sends values of various types as arguments and displays the results.

    C++ Tree (Integers)

    Write a program containing a function that outputs the elements stored in the tree (integers) to the screen. The integers have to be output level by level in the order they appear in the tree. For example, if the tree stores numbers 3 2 6 4 7 1 5 as shown below, then the tree will have the following form: 3

    Writing a Program that Finds the "Smallest" and "Largest" Words

    Write a program that finds the "Smallest" and "Largest" in a series of words. After the user enter the words, the program will determine which words would come first and last if the words were listed in dictionary order. The program must stop accepting input when the user enters a four-letter word.assume that no word is more tha

    C++ - british pounds,shillings,pence

    British pounds-shillings-pence money notation: Design a class: pounds (type long), shillings (type int), pence(type int) data items. create following member functions: - no-argument constructor - one-argument constructor, taking type double(for converting from decimal pounds) - three-argument constructor, taking pounds, s

    C++ console program for employee evaluation.

    A retail store wishes to evaluate its employees four times a year at the end of each quarter. Evaluation Item Weight ----------------------------------- ------ First Quarter (0.00 - 100.00) 0.20 Second Quarter (0.00 - 100.00) 0.22 Third Quarter (0.00 - 100.00)

    C++ Traveller program finding the shortest route.

    Assume you are given a set of N < 10 cities with pairwise distances between them represented as real numbers. A traveler starts from city #1 and wants to visit all other cities just once and return back to the origin. Assume there is a direct airline between any two of these N cities. Your task is to design a C++ program that wi