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C++ program (using bloodshed dev-pascal)

Im having trouble writing a program that does the following. the program should sum up inventory counts and report the total. the inventory is represented by a three digit inventory and a count of the items. in the data is a problem, their are two different inventories that have been mixed up in the list (on purpose). the inventory number and count still match up. I need to seperate the two inventories (inventory ONE and TWO) and get a count for each one. im writing this for a "r & d" department and the idea is that they discovered the two inventories can be distinguished by digits in the inventory number. if the digits in the inventory number sum up to be liss than or equal to 13, then those items belong to inventory ONE. the others belong to TWO.

The object is to compute sums for each of the two inventories and generate a total inventory count for each one. i need to print out the total number of items found in each inventory, total counts and the average for each inventory. i have the data needed in a data file and it must be entered in two numbers at a time. i also have to use redirection to save on typing input..... the data file is (inventorymix)


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C++ programming for using bloodshed dev pascals.