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    C++ Program: Altitude and Velocity of a Balloon

    Write a C++ program that creates a tab delimited file that can be opened by a spreadsheet to graph the altitude and velocity of a balloon as a function of time from the time of release through 48 hrs. Have the user indicate a time interval in minutes. Please note that altitude is specified in meters and velocity is specified in

    A C++ CARDIAC simulator with memory

    Implement a CARDIAC machine simulator in C++, that will: - Keep track of CARDIAC memory cells in an array of 100 integers (0-99). - Keep track of the bug location; which could be an index into the memory array. Watch out for cells 0 and 99; they are special. - Read the input tape from a file that starts with a number tellin

    A C++ CARDIAN simulator using a switch statement

    Write a not so bad CARDIAC simulator (in C++) that tells the user how to execute an instruction typed as a 3 digit number by the user. The user should be prompted to type in a 3 digit number, and then the program should print to the screen whatever the CARDIAC Instruction Decoder box would show had that been the instruction.

    A simple C++ CARDIAC simulator

    Write the worst CARDIAC simulator of all time (in C++) that tells the user how to execute only a single instruction typed as a 3 digit number by the user. The user should be prompted to type in a 3 digit number. Then print to the screen whatever the CARDIAC Instruction Decoder box would show had that been the instruction. Bel

    Processing Balloon Data in C++

    Write a program that prints a histogram of N random integers from 0 through 10, where N is provided by the user. Enter an integer > 0: 13 Enter an integer > 0: 15 Random #s... 4 7 2 1 6 9 0 6 4 10 9 4 8 4 1 Histogram... * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 submission requirements: submit a single C++

    A C++ program to calculate the volume of various shapes

    Using C++ write a program that: 1. asks the user for the dimensions of a box (width, height, and depth), 2. prints the volume of the box, 3. prints the volume of the largest cube that could fit inside the user's box, and 4. prints the volume of a sphere with a diameter equal to the largest dimension of the user's box.

    C++ Programming Questions

    1. Using the switch statement, write a program that will request an integer from the user in the range 1 - 5. It should then output a message in this form: You entered the number one. {or two, or whatever was entered} If the user entered a number other than 1 - 5, the program should output a message to that effect. Note that

    Create a simple airline ticket reservation program in C++.

    Create a simple airline ticket reservation program in C++ that keeps track of individual passenger names, and their associated flight numbers, departure dates and times, and originating and destination cities. You may implement your own linked list library; however, it is recommended that you make use of the linked list API in t

    Books listing program using binary tree

    The program in the attachment uses an ordered linked list. Summary report menu selection shows all books in sorted alphabetical order and report by year menu displays books in ascending order by publish year. Keep this format, but modify the program to make it use binary tree instead of ordered linked list. You may use more than

    C++ program to gauge the expected inflated cost of an item

    It is difficult to make a budget that spans several years, because prices are not stable. If your company needs 200 pencils per year, you cannot simply use this year's price as the cost of pencils two years from now. Because of inflation the cost is likely to be higher than it is today. Write a C++ program to gauge the expect

    MiniVector Project

    Directions Points The file must be called week3-4Prog.cpp This program will store in miniVector v a list of 15 random integers from 0 to 99, then it will output the vector, sort the vector, then output it again sorted. Program Definition 1. Create program definition with the following templates and methods: // out

    Recursion Implementation

    1. Modify this pop() function, so that it uses recursion. int Stack::pop() { if (isEmpty()) { cerr << "Attempting to Pop from an Empty stack!!" << endl; return -1; } else { int temp = nodes[curTop]; curTop--; return temp; } } 2. Rewrite th

    Output of C++ Code Fragments

    1. What is the output of the following C++ code? int x; int y; int *p = &x; int *q = &y; *p = 35; *q = 98; *p = *q; cout << x << " " << y << endl; cout << *p << " " << *q << endl; 2. What is the output of the following C++ code? int x; int y; int *p = &x; int *q = &y; x = 35; y = 46; p = q; *p = 78; c

    Write a C++ program with 4 classes called A,B,C and D

    Write a C++ program with 4 classes called A,B,C and D. D should inherit C, C should inherit B and B should inherit A. All classes should have 1 data member of type int, 1 constructor and 1 function called print. The constructor should initialize the data member to a rand() value. The print function should display the data member

    Complete the given C++ program.

    When run, the following program should display following on screen. 90 225 Complete the class TT in order to make the program run. #include < iostream > using namespace std; class TT { protected: int value1; int value2; public: TT(int i=0, int j=0) { value1 = i; value2 = j; } .

    Transitive friendship in C++

    Create a C++ program with 3 classes (A,B,C). Make B a friend of A and C a friend of B. Try accessing a member of A from C and see if you get an error.

    C++ Flight class

    Write a C++ program that has a class called flight with the following attributes: date, flight_no, from, to, seats, price. Create an array of 3 objects of this class. Write a member function that asks the user for these values, 3 times and write a function that displays these values in a tabular form on the screen.

    Example C++ Program

    Attached docx file gives the content of a text database file "database.txt" that contains five columns: DSI#, Person_Number, Last_Name, First_Name and State. Write a C++ program that reads the data from "database.txt", swaps the First_Name and Last_Name columns and outputs the data to another text file called "Students2.txt".

    C++ Functions and ifstream

    General Directions: In a party, among a group of gift-giving friends, each person sets aside some money for gift-giving and divides this money evenly among all those who came to the party (including self). However, like in any group of friends, some people are more giving than others and some people have more money than other

    Customer Class in C++

    Need new customer.cpp file that can implement the use of the existing header and implementation file. The new customer.cpp file will contain option to enter customers information and retrieve their information


    1.should C++ programming language be extended to include an XML editor and parser as is the case for the Java® programming language, or should this be built into the Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that supports the programming language? 2.should C++ be used to develop reusable service objects to support an applicat

    Answer questions for C++

    1. Consider int a, b; int *prt; //A pointer int **prtPrt //A pointer to a pointer ptr = &a; prtPtr = &ptr; a. Is this code legal? b. What are the values of *ptr and **ptrPtr? c. Using no other objects besides those already declared, how can you alter ptrPtr so that is points to a pointer t

    C++ program showing a for loop

    1. Display a prompt on the command line and accept one interger as input 2. Call a function tha outputs seven sequential intergers, with the input interger as the middle item on the command line below the input prompt. 3.If the lowest of the seven intergers is greater than zero, output the line "all non-negative intergers"

    3 C++ questions !!! Functions, Arguments, XML !!!

    1. How do functions evaluate arguments? also give an example and explain how data is sent to and retrieved form functions. 2. give some examples of how using a function could save you alot of time and effort? What kind of code would you put into a function? Give an example. 3. Should XML be part of C++? If so what could