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    A C++ program to calculate the volume of various shapes

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    Using C++ write a program that:

    1. asks the user for the dimensions of a box (width, height, and depth),
    2. prints the volume of the box,
    3. prints the volume of the largest cube that could fit inside the user's box, and
    4. prints the volume of a sphere with a diameter equal to the largest dimension of the user's box.

    You can use any if statement and switching but are not required to use any one.

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    This program has four parts. The first part reads in the data from
    the user. There is no error checking so we expect the user to enter
    positive integers.

    The second part of the code calculates the volume of the box. That
    is calculated by multiplying ...

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    This solution provides clear example C++ to show how to calculate the volume of various geometric shapes. This is a great example that shows how to read user input, use if statements, and perform moderately complex arithmetic expressions.