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    Real world geometry

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    Assume were part of a panel of parents, teachers, and administrators working to revise the geometry curriculum for the local high school. On tonight's agenda, you will be brainstorming creative ways to teach surface area and volume. The teachers are especially interested in methods which will help the students connect geometry to life in the "real world" because student motivation has sometimes been lacking in this course.

    What suggestions do you make to the panel during your discussion?

    Why do you think students would benefit from this idea being used in the classroom?

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    Last part first,

    Lots of studies on learning support such innovation in teaching subjects. Processes of memory retention are supported by hands on versus learning in the books and restating on tests as that seems to only have a short retention span for most students. The associations outside the classroom to everyday occurrences make the tapestry of the factoid connections bright and interesting. When a number of ...

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    This discusses several ways to connect geometry to the real world.