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Real Life Applications of Geometry

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You are part of a panel of parents, teachers, and administrators working to revise the geometry curriculum for the local high school. On tonight's agenda, you will be brainstorming creative ways to teach surface area and volume. The teachers are especially interested in methods which will help the students connect geometry to life in the "real world" because student motivation has sometimes been lacking in this course. What suggestions do you make to the panel during your discussion? Why do you think students would benefit from this idea being used in the classroom? Explain your idea in at least two paragraphs.

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Geometry can be connected to "real world" situations in many ways. How about using various paper shapes to cover a surface and estimate its surface area; Triangles, Pentagons, Rectangles, etc. ? Tiling concepts - one could even take that as far as fractals, which could even be made into a large class project to map a natural shoreline length which is not surface area of a volume. You could use the same idea to get the surface area for a milk truck ...

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In about 300 words, this solution provides some examples of real-life applications of geometry. Furthermore, a brief discussion of the importance of hands-on learning is also included.