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    Importance of Geometry in High School

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    Read the articles 1, 2,and 3. Then respond to the following

    The importance of geometry's role in the math curriculum is debated in many high schools and colleges. Some schools offer the course while others have done away with it. Based on what you have learned within this unit, do you think geometry is a valuable tool for students to learn? Choose one side of this debate, state your view, support your view with specific reasons, and describe why you do or do not feel geometry is important.

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    I am not completely sure what the attached articles have to do with the question, as they appear to be directions, not information about geometry.

    However, here is my opinion on the matter. You will not be able to use this verbatim for your assignment, but you should be able to use these ideas in your essay.

    I am a math teacher who is also the daughter of a math teacher. My mom teaches in a "traditional" setting where students are placed in a curriculum that includes Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Geometry, Algebra II/Trigonometry, Pre-Calc, Calculus (the same curriculum I went through). Last year I taught in a school that used an integrated math curriculum. When I student taught, some students were on the "traditional" track and others were in integrated math courses.

    Your question doesn't seem to relate to whether or not geometry should be a separate course, but whether or not it should be taught at all. I will do my best to state my beliefs regarding both questions. Unfortunately most of this will come from my experience, so I have very few actual sources, but ...

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