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    Polygons, Real-Life Applications of Right Triangles, Volume of a Pill Capsule

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    1. What is a polygon? What is the difference between an equiangular polygon, an equilateral polygon, and a regular polygon? Provide an example of each.
    2. We can use the Pythagorean Theorem to solve problems that involve right triangles. Provide an example of a day-to-day situation that involves right triangles and the use of the theorem.
    3. A drug manufacturing company wants to manufacture a capsule that contains a spherical pill inside. The diameter of the pill is 4mm and the capsule is cylindrical, with hemispheres on either end. The length of the capsule between the two hemispheres is 10mm. Describe how we could find the exact volume the capsule will hold, excluding the volume of the pill. What is the value that you get from your calculation? Why is it important for us to be able to determine the exact volume of that capsule?

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    1. A polygon is a closed curve, composed of straight line parts. An equiangular polygon is one in which each of the internal angles are equal. For example, an equiangular octagon has each interior angle = 360/8 = 45 degrees. An equilateral polygon is a polygon for which all the ...

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    Polygons, Real-Life Applications of Right Triangles, Volume of a Pill Capsule are investigated.