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C++ Functions and IfStream

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General Directions:

In a party, among a group of gift-giving friends, each person sets aside some money for gift-giving and divides this money evenly among all those who came to the party (including self). However, like in any group of friends, some people are more giving than others and some people have more money than others. You are to write a program that determines how much more (or less) each person in the group gives than they receive.

Specific Directions:

You are to write the program so that it would read the input from a file and the output should go to screen as well as to a file. The input file contains more than one group. You should have a loop to read the several groups and show the result after the calculation. Use manipulators to format the output. After reading each group's data the sentinel value should be checked to see if the program should process or terminate.
The input is a sequence of gift-giving groups. Each group specifies the number of people in the group, a list of the names of each person and the money they gave in the group. Each group has five persons and hence you could use five strings to store their names, five doubles to store their contribution and so on. The output should specify the name of each person in the group, what they gave, what they received and how much more (or less) money they gave than they received. For each group, the member who gave the most money should be displayed.
The program should be written as a two-module set. The main( ) function will have its own module, and the remaining functions will reside in the other module. The main( ) should do almost no processing, it should simply call functions to do whatever it needs, such as get_input( ), display_result( ), etc. It will basically be a while loop with a condition and a series of function calls in the body of the loop.
Hand in your documented source code and input/output files and sample screen output.

Input values: Output values:

Required Programming Constructs:
• While Loop
• File Stream I/O
• If..else
• reference parameters and value parameters (as needed)
• void and non-void return function

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