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    Writing a simple C++ PROGRAM (Practice)

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    Consider a simple textual table describing the catalogues of retail stores, with a line for each product offered by a store, like

    Argos Barbie 6.99
    Argos PS2 159.99
    Hamleys Barbie 16.99

    Each line consists of three words: a vendor code, a product code and the price of that product from that vendor (a floating point number).

    Define a class to hold the catalogue record.

    Write a function to read a series of catalogue records from a file into a vector of catalogue objects. You will need to use the class ifstream, which is derived from istream, like so:
    #include <fstream>
    ifstream in("catalog");
    ... istream operations ...

    The constructor opens the file; you can then test in to see whether it succeeded.

    Write a main program that reads from standard input a series of lines describing orders, like
    Barbie 200
    PS2 1
    Barbie 2

    where each line consists of two words: a product code (as in the catalogue file) and a requested quantity (a whole number).

    For each input line, the program should produce on the standard output a line for each store stocking that product, combining the information from both records. For example, the above inputs might result in

    Barbie 200 Argos 6.99
    Barbie 200 Hamleys 16.99
    PS2 1 Argos 159.99
    Barbie 2 Argos 6.99
    Barbie 2 Hamleys 16.99

    If there are no store records for a particular vendor, there will be no output for that line.

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