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1-2-3 Magic program

Look at the models below:

1-2-3 Magic
Parenting Wisely
Nurturing Parenting Programs

What model or combination of models would you be most comfortable using? What are some barriers to the program?

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The 1-2-3 magic program can be effective for children ages 2-12 years and also can be used for birth parents, teachers, foster parents, adoptive parents, and any other caregiver. It works to reduce a child's disruptive and oppositional behavior in a fairly short period of time. It can help to improve relationships between parents and the child and reduces family stress. This program can also be utilized in the child welfare setting for at-risk families to reduce or eliminate physical and emotional child abuse or neglect.

The most important ...

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This solution provides a brief, yet informational, discussion of the 1-2-3 Magic program, it's effectiveness, what the program entails, and the most important components of parenting or interaction with children. The expert provides an overview of the program's strengths and barriers and why the program works so well.