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Evaluating a Weight-Loss Program

Evaluate a Jenny Craig Weight-Loss Diet/Program (http://www.jennycraig.com/)

1. Describe the food promoted by the organization.

2. Is the program flexible enough to allow people with different food ways and lifestyles to use it?

3. Is it adaptable and easy to follow?

4. Does it provide variety?

5. Does the program provide for weight maintenance after goal weight is achieved?

6. Describe how the plan works.

7. Does it require substantial registration fee?

8. Does it require mandatory purchase of various items or foods?

9. Does it require attendance at a minimum number of meetings?

10. Evaluate whether the plan offers a nutritionally sound way to lose weight.

11. What characteristics make it sound or unsound?

12. Describe any "case histories" you might overhear or learn about and your impression of them.

13. Do the stories sound authentic?

14. Do they present facts?

15. Do they contain any "magic bullets?"

16. Describe your overall impressions of the program. Is it positive or negative, and why?

17. If you had a weight problem, would you consider membership in the program?

Solution Summary

By responding to the 17 elements, this solution evaluates a Jenny Craig Weight-Loss Diet/Program on several dimensions e.g. food, cost, flexibility, registration fees, meetings, magic bullets, nutritionally soundness, etc. It also provides an example of a success story.